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Struggling to break free from your past? Here, you will learn to live a life you love, not the life your abuser left you with.

I too have felt my joy taken by past trauma. I was left with PTSD and a dissociative disorder, both disabling conditions. But, I worked hard and dug deep—transforming the pain of my past into a life I love.

This inspired me to create Uncover Your Joy—a company focused on helping all of us survivors find joy, peace, and prosperity after abuse.

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Arien Inspires: Transforming Trauma into Joy with Weekly Online Videos

Learn how to transform past trauma into fuel for your dreams. The Uncover Your Joy blog is a collection of videos and written articles to help you overcome the abuse that you face. Each blog incorporates personal experience, trauma recovery techniques, and personal growth strategies.

Private Mentorship: Personalized Healing for Survivors

Through dynamic and transformative holistic mentorship, you’ll no longer feel held back by past abuse. You will uncover your individual version of joy, empowering yourself to reach all of your greatest dreams. Book your free intro session here.

Embrace Your Purpose: Creating the Confidence You Need to Thrive Strategy Series

This comprehensive 8-week program will inspire you to embrace your life’s purpose by following your authentic heart-centered path. Each week focuses on a different skill set, culminating into a two month long enriching program that will take you from feeling lost in life to confidently walking the perfect path for you.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Overcome a Lack of Motivation to Recover

    Recovery is hard. Trauma is a daily battle for us survivors of abuse. Each fight is not an easy one. It’s completely natural to have a lack of motivation. You’ve fought hard. You have stood your ground in every battle and you’ve come out victorious. You’re still here and that’s what truly matters. But this doesn’t mean you feel motivated....

  • You Can Reclaim Inner Peace, Even After Abuse

    Inner peace is possible for you, and every other survivor of abuse, to find. It comes with one simple thing: building a home within yourself. Obviously, I’m not talking about a literal home. But rather, a safe place where you can feel and process all emotions. Where you exist authentically and can choose how to share your true self with...

  • The Best 6 Natural Remedies for Depression, by Someone Living It

    Medication can save our lives when we have a mental illness. Therapy can work wonders. But sometimes, we need natural remedies for depression too. I’m a huge supporter of psychiatric medication. Just two weeks ago, my doctor was delayed (quite significantly) in refilling one of my scripts. And my gosh did I feel it! Panic attacks went from once every...


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