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Uncover Your Joy

An archive of peer support resources for survivors of abuse

Uncover Your Joy is no longer an active website, but instead an archive of blogs and resources to support survivors of abuse. You can access the blog to discover various trauma recovery techniques and tips, written by a survivor, for survivors. 

Blog archive

An archive of all past Uncover Your Joy blogs, videos, and articles. Contains peer support based techniques for survivors of abuse.

Current work

Training organizations and mental health practitioners on dissociative identity disorder, based in evidence and lived experience

Image of effeminate young white man with a decorative brown scarf around his shoulders and short brown hair. The background is streaks of blue, pink, orange, and yellow lines.

Hello, I’m Calion! The creator of this blog

(He/him pronouns)

I’m a child sex trafficking survivor discovering how to cultivate freedom, peace, and joy after serious trauma. I’ve been on this journey for 5 years—and Uncover Your Joy is where I shared what I learned about healing, inviting you along this journey with me.

My aim was always to help you reduce the pain you hold, while helping you discover greater joy and peace through my blog.

I firmly believe healing journeys are highly unique—that’s why none of my work states “this is the only path.” Instead, I provide offerings. Gifts and resources to encourage you to explore what could work for you. 

To me personally, healing means: 

a deeper connection to all emotions

a personal and collective journey to true freedom

facing inner shame & guiding it to leave

cultivating small moments of joy

getting clear on your dreams for your life & the world