Your Life Matters: How to See the Gifts You Bring This World

Having trouble feeling like there’s any purpose to keep going on? Like you should feel that life matters…but it just doesn’t? 

This isn’t unusual for us survivors of abuse. We had to numb ourselves to all the good things in life in order to survive the horrible trauma that we faced.

And now that means that you walk with pain on your shoulders and a heavy heart. But this doesn’t mean that your light has disappeared. This doesn’t mean that your life no longer matters. 

In fact, I believe that you are one of the most powerful people in existence. You have, after all, survived deliberate hurt cast on you by another person. 

And gosh, was that hard! I know it, because I’ve been there too.

Today, I’m aware of the light in my heart. And I want to help you see yours with this video. Because once you know within all of the pain you hold there is still glittering brightness, you’ll be confident that your life matters.

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You are literally one of the strongest people in existence. You have survived someone going out of their way to hurt you and, personally, I can’t think of anything more powerful to overcome than that.

This is why your life matters. Because you have a light in you that will never fade.

I want you to start to see this today. So, answer these two questions in the comments below!

What is that one piece of pain you’ll work on lifting first, so that your light can shine brighter? How will you go about doing this?

Your light got you through so much and will continue to push you through all of the challenges that life sends your way. Your brightness will reach other people who have gone through trauma. You’ll show them that they too can find the peace that you’re seeking.

Even if you haven’t found your joy and happiness yet, that light within you still burns so brightly.

It will keep cracking through the pain that you hold until all you are is a beacon of brightness.

Simply being a survivor of abuse is enough. You’re already holding this light. So, stay strong, my friend.

How close are you to thriving after abuse? Click here to take the quiz!


  • Yoda Chris
    March 20, 2019 at 12:09 pm

    I want to thank you or your video. I don’t see myself as having a light. I see myself as a bother to people and weak. I did not have an abuser, but I had enough neglect and dysfunction in my home that I suffer C-PTSD. I want to remove the pain of self hate. I want to feel loved. I am going to tell myself one positive phrase a day multiple times a day for 30 days. Today I will start with, I am worthy. I am worth being loved, I am genuine and kind.

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