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Here’s How to Want Tomorrow to Come When Life is Hard

Was today exhausting? Like the idea of waking up for tomorrow sounds like the most challenging thing to do?

I mean who wants to get up for tomorrow that might be just as bad as today?

I doubt any person would say “I do” to that. 

But the thing is, us survivors of abuse don’t have a choice. We have to wake up for tomorrow, even though it still carries the pain of our past trauma. 

If we don’t wake up, it means that we give up. We give up on our hope for a bright future. Our potential for joy. We give up on love and healing.

All of these things are possible even for those of us who have gone through horrible trauma. I never thought I could reach them, but today here I am. I’m standing, speaking to you, from a place of joy and love.

So don’t give up on your future. Choose to wake up for tomorrow, even when life is hard.

To make it easier on you, I’ve made this video on how to make tomorrow something that you want to make up for. Not just something you have to, but something you truly get excited for.

In this video, I talked a lot about choice. Your choice to make something out of the hardship that you faced. 

It may sound a little odd at first glance. How is it possible to make tomorrow something that you want to wake up for? After all, you didn’t choose the trauma that you went through. So why should you have the burden of recovering from it? 

You shouldn’t have it. That’s the truth. But, it is something that you do have and that’s also a truth.

So, in order to make the most of the life that you’ve been handed, use your ability to choose to run towards joy. Get creative and figure out ways you can make a life that you love, even when that life is hard.

To get a jump start on this, I want you to answer these two questions in a quick little comment below.

What is something you want to make out of the hardship you’ve experienced?

And, to give yourself a little boost: What is one enjoyable thing you’ll add to your calendar tomorrow? 

Seriously do take a second to write down your answer to these! This is where the real work happens. This is where transformation starts.

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March 27, 2019