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When Walking Away from Someone You Love is Healing

Is it wrong to walk away from someone you care about? Even if you know it’s the right thing to do, how do you leave the relationship without feeling horribly guilty? Walking away from someone you love, and someone who still loves you back, is not an easy thing to do. But, it can be a crucial step towards the life you’ve dreamed of living.

Walking away from someone you love is not an immoral thing. If that person isn’t good for your wellbeing in any way, it’s important to step away from that relationship. Just because we know it’s important does not mean we know when it’s the right time. Have we done all we could? Is it time to finally move on?

I’ve had many relationships where I have deeply loved a person, but they were not good for me. I was being abused and this happened. Later, I had a partner who just started to not treat me great—it wasn’t abusive, but still not healthy. I had to dig deep and realize I deserved better and, when I did, I had to know how to stand up for myself.

It was scary, but I did it. And I did so confidently because I knew it was the right thing. It was the best decision I could make for the sake of my wellbeing and, even though I still cared about these people, I was able to walk away.

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Walking away from someone you love is not an immoral thing

This episode will help you discover when walking away from someone you love is good for you to do versus when it’s not the right decision. It does take nuanced attention to your wellbeing.

When we still care about someone, but we cut them out from our lives, we have to believe we can handle the grief so we don’t shatter our hearts. This is the most crucial part of knowing if it’s the right time—so you don’t hurt yourself in the process of leaving an unhealthy relationship. You’ll see how you can cope with the grief of leaving while moving on to new and better relationships.

With these four prompts, and some honesty with yourself, you’ll discover if it’s the right time to leave or if you should stick it out a little longer. You’ll know, with certainty, that you can survive and eventually thrive when you walk away, even if it stings in the short term.

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I bet this episode has got you thinking about some of the iffy relationships in your life lately. It might feel like a ton of thoughts are rushing through your mind so, if this is the case, give yourself the gift of clarity by answering these questions in the comments below:

What do you make of the idea of walking away from someone you love? What is your biggest struggle with this and what is a step you can take to overcome this struggle?

Your comments are always meaningful and I treasure each and every one. They inspire me and they inspire others who read them. Someone may be in a similar place and, when they read your comment, you may guide them towards their next step.

You can also make a huge impact by sharing this blog. We need to remove the stigma that it’s wrong to still be in love and walk away. We need to start having conversations like this. No matter what, it’s okay to leave when our wellbeing is compromised. If you could share this blog with a loved one, it would mean the world to me and—hopefully—to many others.

It’s a joy to have spent this time with you today. Before I go, I want to leave you with a simple reminder. Walking away from someone you love is never immoral when they are compromising your wellbeing. It’s okay to do this, you’re doing your best and you’re doing wonderfully.

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  1. Grateful Reader

    Great message! Thanks for sharing and reassuring. Thank you!

    • Arien Smith

      You’re so welcome! I’m elated that it helped you out.


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