The Prosperity Path: Find peace, joy, and prosperity after abuse with this monthly membership program

There are only 6 steps to thriving after abuse. It's called The Prosperity Path.

#1 Acceptance:

You can’t go back in time and change what happened—but you can free up the energy to live a life you love today. This stage liberates you from the burden of your past.

#2 Empowerment:

Your abuser once took away your power, but now you’re taking it all back. Empowered and conscious decision making unfolds here.

#3 Dream:

Design a crystal clear vision for your dream life. This simplifies your journey to a life you love—making it as easy as following the roadmap you’ve laid out for yourself.

#4 Uncover:

Unearth the greatest obstacles holding you back—ensuring nothing from limiting beliefs, fears, or procrastination stops you from thriving after abuse.

#5 Solve:

Create empowered solutions to the obstacles you just uncovered, giving you a clear path on how to heal every limitation that still lingers in you. You'll be able to scale any mountain.

#6 Act:

The effort you poured into every previous stage comes together in the most empowering way. You follow the map you’ve laid out with a guarantee that every healing action you take is bringing you closer to prosperity.





This membership program includes a powerful 6-week eCourse, teaching you everything you need to know about each stage in the Prosperity Path. Then, every month after, you’ll have access to empowering resources to deepen your understanding of each stage. This’ll ensure you know how to truly prosper after abuse.

In each month, I’ll support you with live Q&A calls, customized workbooks, masterclasses with guest experts, and access to a private community of survivors going through the same journey as you.

$29/month…it’s a deal only for the first members to join If you join in the very first launch of this membership program (likely between July-September 2019), you’ll have access to this rate—saving you $120 a year. (This rate will never increase for you, as long as you stay in good standing and keep your membership.)
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What happens when you join

(This is what you can expect as soon as the program is launched. I’m still working on creating it right now!)

Instant access to the community:

One of the best ways to heal from abuse is through peer support. My top priority, besides delivering an incredible eCourse on The Prosperity Path, is maintaining a safe and compassionate community of survivors. Everyone will be walking the same path as you, giving you the best opportunity to grow alongside others.

I’m also working on a special bonus you’ll get on your first day of joining! Don’t miss it—sign up for the email waitlist above.

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The Prosperity Path eCourse:

In this comprehensive 6-week eCourse, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how The Prosperity Path works (and how to implement it)! Each week will focus on one stage, including videos trainings and workbooks, plus community activities to deepen your understanding of each stage.

Take the Prosperity Path quiz here to find out which stage you’re on!

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Monthly support:

The Prosperity Path eCourse is fantastic to get you started…but we all know healing from abuse takes time! So, this membership gives you monthly access to a huge variety of in-depth resources.

This includes:

💫Live Q&A calls where you can submit questions

💫Focused workbooks, challenges, and exercises to help you act on each Prosperity Path Stage

💫Masterclasses with myself or guest experts

💫Opportunities for additional bonuses (including free coaching!).

Each month will focus on one of the six Prosperity Path stages!

After the eCourse and 6 months of implementing The Prosperity Path (7.5 months of time), everything begins again! It’ll all be new content, besides the eCourse itself—so it’s well worth sticking through another cycle.

You can cancel the membership at any time. It’s definitely worth trying—as it’s only a $29 investment to discover if this is truly the path towards life-long joy, peace, and prosperity. 💖

A super duper special early bird treat!


Choosing to take steps towards joy and peace is the best investment you can make in yourself. So, I’m offering this special treat to help!

This will only be available until August 15th, 2019.

For one payment of $229, you’ll get lifetime access to the entire membership. The eCourse, masterclasses, workbooks, challenges, community, and live Q&A coaching calls.

You’ll have everything you need to thrive—for life.

Email me at to purchase lifetime access!

(I’m working on setting up a payment portal for this membership, but it’s not live yet—so email and PayPal invoice is the current process!)


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