The Type of Self Care You Really Need

Feeling stressed when you think of self care? Like you’re not able to do everything you “should,” that you’re falling behind? Well, isn’t that kind of backwards?

Self care should be about truly honoring our needs and it should come from a place of love and self respect, not obligation or pressure from society. When we treat self care like something we’re obligated to do, we set ourselves up for feeling bad if we can’t get around to that activity each day.

I felt this, full force, when I was trying to build up an exercise routine.

For reasons unrelated to exercise, I began to regularly practice yoga. Although this was a workout, that wasn’t my motivation behind participating in it. I was tending to another need and getting the wonderful benefit of exercise at the same time.

This idea-of listening to what we really need and taking action from there-is true self care. It’s not an obligation or a chore, it’s a gift we give ourselves.

When I made the decision to practice yoga, I was moved by wanting to find space within myself. I acted from this deeper desire and found exercise along the way.

Making a decision to listen to our real needs in each moment is self care

We are empowered when we nurture ourselves in this way. By listening to our needs and responding from this conscious place, we are taking charge of our life. When we treat self care like an obligation, listening to what society says is right (which isn’t always right for us) we’re disempowering ourselves.

What we need to do-individually and as a society-is switch our perspective about self care to one of truly nurturing ourselves. You can start by watching this episode of Arien Inspires. It’s all about how to truly tend to yourself, in the most beautiful way possible.

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Do you already feel more empowered, more ready to truly listen to yourself and nurture your mind, body, and soul? I truly hope so. I hope this blog has inspired you to really listen to your individual needs and respect them, not feel obligated by society to do what others deem is “perfect self care.”

I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts about this, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

In what ways has the common over-done idea of self care in society influenced you?

Have you stressed out about self care?

Reflecting on this, what is one thing you plan to do to switch from this obligatory self care to true self nurturing?

You have the power to inspire others to nurture themselves by sharing this blog, too. Give it a simple click and post it on your favorite social media channel! You can be a part of the movement to reclaim self care as something empowering, instead of an obligation.

It’s important to nurture ourselves. Let today be a day for this-do something special for yourself, something you really want to do right now. Here’s to your new self care routine!

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  • Janie
    September 21, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    Although there are many different kinds of exercise (cardio, stretching, etc.), ANY exercise is better than NO exercise. And you never know: sticking with yoga may make you feel so much better that you may feel up to that cardio after awhile.

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