Why Letting Go is So Important

Feeling free and unburdened by past difficulties would be awesome, right? Letting go of our past and finding this liberation is surprisingly easy, yet so few of us actually work on letting go. This self-empowerment comes from taking responsibility about how our past has affected us, which means owning the emotions we now carry. This is where so many of us get stuck. In order to really let go and find this freedom, we need to...

16 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays When You Have a Mental Illness

The holiday season presents a lot of challenges for everyone. It’s a time of year focused on family, love, and connection, but stress, consumerism, loneliness, and a bunch more unpleasant feelings like to mix themselves in with the merriment. Although each person can probably identify a stressor that prevents them from fully enjoying the holidays, us living with mental illness have an even harder time. Sometimes it’s spending a holiday with family and friends that...


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