Unlock Your Strongest Personal Skills

Have you ever wondered why some of the people who have faced the most hardship have intensely developed personal skills? Have you wondered what it takes to transform hardship into gifts like these people have? There is one understanding all these people have come to realize. It has allowed them to transform intense suffering into life-giving gifts. They’ve unlocked their uniqueness and discovered the positive impact they can make in this world. Although this one key...

Use the Power of Choice to Create the Life of Your Dreams

The intentions we set and the choices we make are what propels us towards our dreams. Life will throw many different situations at us, but ultimately we are in control of how these situations affect us when we view the big picture of our own path. I’m a very spiritual person, but I’ve never believed in strict destiny. I don't think we choose pain and suffering as a part of our life. These horrible experiences are...


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