Creating Abundance in Situations of Poverty

Abundance is a state of peace, prosperity, and deep happiness. It’s characterized by gratitude for the things we have, even in situations where—to others—it may seem like we have very little. Abundance is a literal and emotional solution to poverty. All of us experience some form of poverty in our lifetimes. The most common is financial, but there are dozens of other types. We can lack healthy relationships, feel spiritually disconnected, or have a poverty of...

Bad Day? 6 Powerful Ways to Get Through It

Every single person experiences at least one bad day in their life. It’s a part of living and it’s a part of being human. Most likely, everyone experiences a lot more than just a single one, and those of us living with mental illness tend to experience even more bad days than those without mental illness. Getting through a bad day can feel like time is dragging on, infinitely slow and filled with difficulty after difficulty....


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