Here's how to stop seeking approval from others

Here’s How to Stop Seeking Approval From Others

This is your life—not anyone else’s. You’re the one meant to make empowered decisions about your dreams and your future. And yet, are you constantly seeking approval from others?

It’s so incredibly common for us survivors of abuse to wait on an “okay” from someone else. To constantly be seeking approval, even when we’re fully capable of making these decisions for ourselves.

This isn’t anything to be ashamed of. This all came from a simple pattern that helped you once survive. Seeking approval from your abuser kept you alive. Now, it’s just no longer a helpful internal pattern to perpetuate.

You no longer have to walk on eggshells around anyone. Your life won’t be threatened by living your dreams. You won’t be hurt when pursuing the authentic joy-filled goals you have.

I know that you are the best guide in your life. You’re capable of deciding what is best for you and asserting the decisions you make, even in the face of criticism from others.

I also know that this isn’t easy to do at first, especially if you have been seeking approval from others for years. That’s why I made this video—to help you finally, once and for all, overcome this.

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You are the writer of your story. You are the creator of your life. There is so much power you have to decide on what dreams matter and to make decisions that bring you towards your heart’s desires. All you have to do is start giving yourself approval.

This question will get you headed in the right direction: What is one dream that you’ve wanted to pursue, but you’ve been waiting on the input of someone else? What do you need to tell yourself to approve of it?

I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts in a comment below!

I’ve dealt with this for years and I’ve yet to meet a survivor who isn’t seeking approval from someone. So—please share this video with someone you know it can help. Let’s help change the world for every survivor of abuse!

As you head out today, remember that no one knows your dreams better than you. No one is more capable of living your life in an amazing way. Don’t give this power to someone else any longer—learn to give yourself that approval.

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