How to Stop Feeling Guilty About Your Mental Illness

You are not a burden for being mentally ill. There is nothing wrong with having a disorder, a sickness, or an illness. Having mental health needs is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.

Every single person on this planet has needs. Every single person struggles and you have a right to struggle too. Even if your needs come up a little more often than your peers because you have a mental illness, that’s okay. You’re not doing anything wrong and you’re not a burden.

Feeling guilty is not a state we can just wish away (as awesome as that would be). It’s something many of us with mental illness are plagued with and it’s a painful, icky emotion. We face it almost every time a significant need arises.

I wish I could scoop you up and carry you away to a place of self-love, but I know this is something out of my power. So, I created this episode instead.

Feeling guilty will stop once you start to validate your needs

If you give it a watch, you’ll hear important messages about how valid and vital your needs are. You’ll learn transformative ways to start putting your needs first, without feeling selfish at all. This episode will even show you how you can improve all your relationships (including your relationship to yourself) just by listening to your needs. That one simple action can make a world of difference.

As you begin to embark on a journey to listen kindly to the demands of your mental health, you will no longer struggle with feeling guilty. That emotion will be a thing of the past.

You will feel self-empowered, self-loving, and confident as you take care of yourself. This, I can promise, are emotions within your reach.

Once you have given this episode a watch, I would absolutely love to hear from you.

What needs do you neglect to take care of because you are feeling guilty? What action can you take to start nurturing that need?

You, your friends, and everyone that walks this planet has needs. They are nothing to be ashamed of and, as we collectively validate that we all require things to live well, having needs will no longer be stigmatized. So, to save a friend the grief of feeling guilty, share this episode with them too.

I’m sending lots of love and lots of support your way. Plus so so much encouragement to take care of yourself.

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