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Speaking Engagements


Diverse, inclusive, socially conscious speaking is the way to go

Finding hosts and speakers for an event is challenging. The people you work with truly make or break the event itself and one surefire way to make the audience uncomfortable is to alienate individuals of specific identities. I actively work on using inclusive language in all of my speeches, so everyone in the audience feels at home with my words.

I’m passionate about allowing everyone to uncover their joy, find hope, and leave every event feeling uplifted, empowered, and ready to make a change in their lives and the lives of others.

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My most requested topics

Motivational speaking:

There are many motivational speakers – for example sport motivational speakers from somewhere like Sports Speakers 360 – but finding one who can inclusively engage diverse audiences is rare. When minorities and marginalized individuals are inspired by someone they can empathize with, they feel even more empowered than if someone from a more privileged background was in the same role.

I focus my motivation on aiding fellow humans who have survived trauma, live with mental illness, and/or are gender non-conforming or part of the LGBTQ+ community. As someone who has faced marginalization, I carry intersectional messages to motivate incredibly varied audiences. Even for those outside these communities, the messages of how to change one’s life for the better after handling serious challenges is something everyone can walk away from with a sense of empowerment.

I commonly speak about these topics:

  • Self-care (for leaders, activists, busybodies, and those facing significant challenges in life)
  • Acceptance: the first step towards finding joy no matter your life situation
  • Unconditional love for oneself and others
  • Body positivity
  • Self-forgiveness
  • How to make yourself a priority (in a healthy non-selfish way)

Hope for survivors of abuse: Joy is something that everyone deserves to have in their life, including people who have faced the darkest side of humanity. As a survivor myself, I am passionate about facilitating programs, discussions, and speeches to aid survivors in uncovering the amazing life they can still live, even after facing such serious challenges.

  • Survivor-specific self-care
  • How to find joy during the process of recovery
  • Fostering patience in the road of healing and how this creates peace
  • How to emotionally support oneself in the most effective ways

Inclusive transgender policies: Educational programing about how to work with transgender patients, employees, and peers; and how to respect all gender identities.

  • How to work with transgender patients and clients
  • Policy changes and how to make your work/school/institution more inclusive

I also work as a consultant and am more than willing to work with your organization, community, or collective to create a joyous, friendly, and inclusive environment. Please contact me at [email protected] to inquire about rates and to propose your program idea.

Why I speak

People say a picture is worth a thousand words and, as a trained visual artist, I have no disagreement. Yet, words are still impactful; especially when spoken by a dedicated, enthusiastic, and engaging speaker.

I was one of the rare and lucky people who never developed a fear of public speaking. Since I was in high school, I have absolutely loved demonstrating, teaching, and presenting whenever I had the opportunity. As a Residential Advisor in college, I hosted around a half dozen events and even branched out into the Baltimore community around me.

What has always hooked me on speaking is the empowering nature words can have. When there is a clear sound of hope, dedication, and resilience from a speaker, there is an intensity to the inspiration. As someone who has survived significant trauma and almost lost my life, I believe in this hope. Through my words, I know I can share the gravity of my journey in a way that lifts others and tells them they, too, have the power to overcome their trials and find joy.

When speaking and writing, I have a natural knack for providing people with easy to follow steps, answers, and solutions to their problems. Instead of only saying “hope is out there,” I say “hope is out there and here is how you can have it.” This practical knowledge is the basis of empowering conversation and, in its most true form, public speaking is a conversation with many at once.

What are people saying?

“Thank you for coming to the School of Nursing to speak with future nurses about gender and gender non-conformity. With enthusiasm and candor you brought much needed information that will impact the quality of health care that we provide. It was well-received and on target. I hope that you will return to speak to students next semester.” -Victoria Selby, University of Maryland professor

My network

Find me here on Facebook and here on Twitter! In addition to these, I have an email list of over 600 people whom I actively engage with.


Please inquire for local (Baltimore, MD) and distant event/speaking fees by emailing [email protected]. As it is part of my mission to serve as many marginalized communities as possible, I do make room for lowering or waiving fees. If you can afford speaking engagements, you will also help me support these other events.

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