Why it's important to make space for emotional pain

Why It’s Important to Make Space for Emotional Pain

Trauma creates emotional pain. It’s an unfortunate part of being a survivor of abuse, but it is a reality we face and something that’s healthy to acknowledge.

When we reject emotional pain, we deepen its hold on us. It stops being processed and healed—which means we will never feel liberated from it. The pain grows in intensity beneath the surface, trying to get our attention.

Naturally, working through that pain is the best path towards recovery. So, by that logic, we need to lovingly feel our anguish in order to find healing and joy.

Going about it safely and knowing where to start are the tricky parts. How do you feel this buried pain in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you? How do you let it go, without repressing it again?

That’s the focus of this video, so if you’d like those answers, go ahead and watch it!

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Don’t miss these highlights:

Why it’s important to validate and accept our feelings, even though it was unfair we were abused [0:40]

The most important decision to make before you can overcome emotional pain [1:13]

How difficult emotions like grief, anger, and anguish can become safer to feel [2:43]

Make space for emotional pain to be lovingly felt, otherwise it may turn into self-hatred.

I wish that I could give you a strategy that would make your emotional pain disappear, that would bring you instant joy and healing.

But I know, as a survivor myself, that this isn’t possible. So I’m giving you the next best thing—a path to releasing that pain and finding the happiness you deserve.

How will you start to show some love towards the side of you in emotional pain? I’d love to hear about your intentions in a comment below!

Remember, you’re the one who has to make the decision to walk this journey. You have to decide to give these difficult feelings a space to be felt in your heart (and to find support in case one emotion gets a little too intense).

I have total faith in you. I know you can do this.

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