The True Solution to the Winter Blues

Winter can be such a tough season. The cold, the overcast, the lack of desire to go outside…or even get out of bed. Talk about the winter blues! 

My productivity, focus, and energy all drop by at least 40% in the winter, but it used to be at least 70%. I’d barely be able to function because of a mix of seasonal depression and physical symptoms…all brought on by the cold. 

The winter blues, or seasonal affective disorder, is not rare for survivors of abuse. Each location varies, depending on climate, but the average in America is 6% of the population. 

For us survivors, who already live with depression, PTSD, or other conditions, this makes the season extremely hard to handle. And not all of us can escape to a warm climate and solve this entire issue. (Gosh, that’s the dream!)

So, instead, we need to find at home solutions to our own case of the winter blues. Biochemical solutions (Vitamin D, sun lights, etc) help, but they aren’t the true remedy. 

This video, right below, shares the actual solution I found after years of searching. The technique that gave me at least 30% more energy and double the happiness even in the winter. 

Here’s a taste of what’s in the video: 

The real solution to seasonal depression, even though it sounds a bit odd [1:23]

How to balance self-care in the winter [2:09]

My favorite technique for handling the dreariest of days [2:36]

Winter is still my least favorite season, but it’s tolerable now. On some days, I even kind of enjoy it! This is a huge step up from the near-suicidal states I had just a couple years ago during the cold months. 

I’d love to hear from you now! What new technique did this video show you? How do you think it will help you out? What’s one specific step you’ll take to start implementing that technique into your life?

Know that you’re not alone in facing this. PTSD is amplified in the winter for many of us, so if you’re struggling extra hard, be sure to try out the technique in this video. I seriously stand by this with all my heart. 

And, of course, share this with another survivor of abuse too! It never hurts to spread some healing around. 

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