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Joyous Life Coaching & Mentorship

Learn how to cultivate regular & sustainable joy in your life—no matter what you’ve been through

“Joy is a practice that cultivates specific feelings: pleasure, restoration, peace, calm, excitement, vivaciousness, etc. Joy connects us with life itself, while honoring our inner experience—the pleasant and the painful.”

This mentorship will give you…

Clarity on what your joyous life looks like

We’ll reflect on your past and dive into your future, keeping joy as the primary goal. (Meaning good relationships, financial stability, inner peace, etc.)

Methods to cultivate joy daily

That work with your unique needs and lifestyle

Ease from past traumas

Joy can be a recovery technique, and there’s room to cultivate that here too (only if you wish to!)

Emotional validation techniques

For freeing the pain in your heart, or lovingly settling with hurts still there

Peace through emotional balancing techniques

Balancing rest, excitement, anger, grief, and other naturally impactful emotions

Lessons on flowing with life's seasons

Handling the ups and downs of your mind, body, and soul with deep inner peace and love

This mentorship is one-on-one—meaning every single moment of this journey is focused on you. We’ll talk about your hurts and struggles and create a plan to cultivate joy around those.

You’ll design a vision of what your joyous life looks like, and I’ll help you get there. 

Who am I…and why do I do this work?

I’m Calion: survivor, mentor, and joy-seeker

As a child, I thought joy was taken from me when I was sex trafficked by a neighbor—then abused again as a young adult. Since escaping, I’ve realized that joy is both accessible after trauma and it can help you heal. It’s capable of overcoming hopelessness, hurt, and great challenges.

I know what it’s like to feel lost and confused as a human being, to wonder what the point of life is. When things hurt, it can be hard to see the purpose of life. So, this mentorship will guide you to creating a joyous life. A life you’re excited to live. I’ve used to handle the hurt of serious childhood trauma—and I truly believe I have skills and insights that will help you now too. 

Why not find out for yourself? I offer a 30-minute consult to anyone interested, with the goal of cultivating an aspect of joy too! You can see firsthand if this is perfect for you. Just fill out this form here! (There is a small deposit, as this allows me to stay financially secure and invest my full energy and attention in every call.)

Want to get to know me even better? Check out my about page here!

Image of effeminate young white man with a decorative brown scarf around his shoulders and short brown hair. The background is streaks of blue, pink, orange, and yellow lines.

Calion really listens to you and he knows that it is difficult being vulnerable and opening up about personal and traumatic experiences. He makes you feel safe.

Without Calion’s help, I wouldn’t have known a lot of things that were going on deep inside of my mind and my heart.

All in all, I honestly cannot put into words what an amazing and empathetic person Calion is. I highly encourage everyone to go to him if they need help figuring themselves out on a deeper, spiritual and emotional level. You will not be disappointed!

-Kyo Pierre-Francois


This Coaching Helps You Design a Life Where Joy is the Focus

Joy is a method of healing and how we live a life we adore. I’m dedicated to helping you reach that, no matter your budget. So, I offer several packages (and my eCourse, if these are out of your budget). 

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Foundation of Joy (6 sessions)

You’ll discover all you need to know to implement the Prosperity Path in only 6 sessions—with each week covering one step of the path. It’s the perfect option if you simply need a little loving push to get started on truly healing or a boost to keep going, if your past has been hurting more than usual lately.


Or two payments of $440

Liberate Yourself & Thrive (12 sessions)

If you’ve been held back by trauma for a while, this is the perfect package for you. We’ll spend two entire sessions focused on each stage of The Prosperity Path—ensuring you truly understand and can implement each healing step. Every week, you’ll be so much closer to true and sustainable joy.


Or three payments of $574

Intensive Trauma Transformation (18 Sessions)

As the most transformational package, the Intensive Trauma Cleanse will ensure you walk away truly thriving after abuse. Your past will no longer hold you back—in fact, it will end up fueling your dream life. So, if you’re ready to commit to the deepest form of healing (3 weeks on every Prosperity Path stage)—this is the package you’ll want to reserve!


Or four payments of $640

Pay as you go option:

You can also book one session at a time, providing you support whenever you most need it (and can afford it). They’re simply $150 a session and it includes nearly all* the benefits of a package!

*Lifetime membership program access and the free 90-minute follow up are not included in the pay as you go offering.


Included in every package:

Access to dozens of worksheets and exercises (including custom ones for you)

Hour long sessions—and I’ll happily go over if we’re onto something big

A comprehensive PDF summary of each session

Lifetime access to The Prosperity Path program ($129 eCourse value)

Lifetime access to The Prosperity Path membership (valued at $29/month)

Free 90-minute follow up session, 3-months after your last paid session