Rise from the Ashes of Past Abuse

Personalized mentorship to bring you peace, joy, and prosperity

Build a life you genuinely love, even after trauma

Based on The Prosperity Path

A proven 6-step path to joy and peace after abuse, created by and for survivors

Confidential and Supportive

Your privacy is always respected, every session, and you’re my top priority. Sessions are held via Skype/Zoom, phone, or messenger. It’s whatever you prefer!

Unconditional Understanding

This mentorship is guided by a survivor of abuse, who knows the challenges firsthand

This Coaching Guides You Along The 6 Steps of The Prosperity Path

1: Accept Your Past

You’ve escaped your abuser…but this is where you actually find freedom. You’ll learn how to lean into your emotions—putting an end to self-hatred and self-rejection. This is the foundation for life-long healing, and the impact is instantly noticeable.

2: Reclaim Empowerment

This is where you learn what an empowered you looks like. You’ll no longer feel isolated and powerless. Self-doubt won’t be your default any longer. Instead, you’ll confidently set boundaries, discover your authentic self, and head towards a life you love.

3: Design Your Dreams

If you’ve struggled to trust yourself with your dreams, and perhaps avoided setting them at all, this stage will change that. You’ll reclaim the idea of having a beautiful future—and there will be no doubt that it’s right for you. Plus, you’ll be filled with hope!

4: Identify Obstacles

Understand before solving—that’s what you need to do every time you hit a wall. This stage helps you deeply process what’s holding you back from joy, so you unearth the core issue (in a gentle but powerful way).

5: Strategize Solutions

You’ll solve every struggle holding you back from joy—and you won’t compromise your heart along the way. You’ll also learn how to pick what advice to follow, ensuring you’re not swayed by people who don’t know what’s best for you.

6: Take Action & Thrive

Overcome that big resistance to actually do what’s best for you. The previous 5 stages map out your exact journey to joy. This is where you set goals and take action. Every step motivates you to keep going, as you start actually feeling better!

I’m Calion, fellow survivor & mentor

Over the past few years (after surviving 15 years of violent abuse), I’ve discovered how to create a life I love—and I’m so ready to share this knowledge with you. Having talked with hundreds of survivors, I realized there are 6 critical stages to truly healing from abuse. I call this The Prosperity Path.

As your ally, I’ll personally guide you along this journey through private coaching sessions. My compassion, generosity, and kind honesty will all come forward. I’ll give you everything I’ve got to help you thrive.

Want to get to know me better? Check out my about page here or sign up for a free 30-minute call with me here.

I’m truly honored to have you here and I can’t wait to get to know you better!

Calion really listens to you and he knows that it is difficult being vulnerable and opening up about personal and traumatic experiences. He makes you feel safe.

Without Calion’s help, I wouldn’t have known a lot of things that were going on deep inside of my mind and my heart.

All in all, I honestly cannot put into words what an amazing and empathetic person Calion is. I highly encourage everyone to go to him if they need help figuring themselves out on a deeper, spiritual and emotional level. You will not be disappointed!

-Kyo Pierre-Francois


This is your path of freedom. The start to peace and a real love for life.

“Healing is never complete until we have been truly heard. May the universe send you someone who will sincerely care to listen.”

Anthon St. Maarten

This is the perfect path for you if…

You value being yourself and living authentically, in line with your truth

You’re ready to redefine who you are and break free of the person trauma has forced you to be. You want to find yoruself.

You want to live a peaceful and joyous life after abuse

Maybe you can’t picture what the wonderful life looks like right now, but that’s okay. I’m here to help you design it…and make sure it’s achievable.

You value growth and healing

A joyous life after abuse takes commitment to yourself. It’s recommended that you have the space and energy to meet for weekly or biweekly online for sessions

You're in a safe and stable place

This mentorship isn’t therapy, it’s powerful peer support from a survivor who’s found the path to a joyous life. So, if you’ve had a suicidal or self-harm crisis in the past six months,or you’re still actively being abused, this work isn’t the right fit for you.

This Coaching Guides You Along The 6 Steps of The Prosperity Path

With all my work, I take in the fact that survivors of abuse have a huge range of available budgets, availability, and stamina for this deep healing work. So, I offer a variety of packages.

Leap Towards Prosperity (6 sessions)

You’ll discover all you need to know to implement the Prosperity Path in only 6 sessions—with each week covering one step of the path. It’s the perfect option if you simply need a little loving push to get started on truly healing or a boost to keep going, if your past has been hurting more than usual lately.


Or two payments of $440

Liberate Yourself & Thrive (12 sessions)

If you’ve been held back by trauma for a while, this is the perfect package for you. We’ll spend two entire sessions focused on each stage of The Prosperity Path—ensuring you truly understand and can implement each healing step. Every week, you’ll be so much closer to true and sustainable joy.


Or three payments of $574

Intensive Trauma Transformation (18 Sessions)

As the most transformational package, the Intensive Trauma Cleanse will ensure you walk away truly thriving after abuse. Your past will no longer hold you back—in fact, it will end up fueling your dream life. So, if you’re ready to commit to the deepest form of healing (3 weeks on every Prosperity Path stage)—this is the package you’ll want to reserve!


Or four payments of $640

Pay as you go option:

You can also book one session at a time, providing you support whenever you most need it (and can afford it). They’re simply $150 a session and it includes nearly all* the benefits of a package!

*Lifetime membership program access and the free 90-minute follow up are not included in the pay as you go offering.


Included in every package:

Access to dozens of worksheets and exercises (including custom ones for you)

Hour long sessions—and I’ll happily go over if we’re onto something big

A comprehensive PDF summary of each session

Lifetime access to The Prosperity Path program ($129 eCourse value)

Lifetime access to The Prosperity Path membership (valued at $29/month)

Free 90-minute follow up session, 3-months after your last paid session