Rise from the Ashes: Live a Peaceful, Prosperous, and Joyous Life After Abuse with these Private Mentorship Programs

Joy After Abuse Emerges From…


This mentorship focuses on genuine, healing change. Through powerful personal growth techniques, you'll unearth your true self—digging away the dirt from past trauma. I’ll help you build every goal from a heart-centered place, ensuring that your path forwards is true to yourself.


Self-love is essential for finding joy. I always show up ready to empathize, assist, and support you. I care about your journey and wellbeing, and I always put compassion first in every session. When you’re a client, you’re investing in yourself and this is an incredible act of self-love.


Healing from abuse take unconditional acceptance. Throughout our work together, we’ll be using powerful and proven mindfulness techniques to help you accept yourself and the world around you. This type of acceptance empowers you to chase your dreams and love yourself.


The wish you have for a better future is the foundation of every session. We’ll dig deeper into that hope, build consistent motivation, and turn the dreams of your heart into reality. You’ll develop skills to pull through the tough days, bounce back from setbacks, and leap towards every goal.

By releasing your desire to change your past, you can take charge of your future. No longer will your life be defined by the abuse you survived.

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This Mentorship is Perfect For You If:

💫 You feel past trauma has left irreparable damage in your life and you don't know how to overcome it

💫 You value being yourself and living authentically, in line with your truth

💫 Growth and healing are priorities of yours 

💫 You know you want to live a better life, you just don’t know how 

💫 You’re looking for freedom, peace, and joy after abuse

💫 Your intersectional identities make recovery from abuse more difficult

💫 You're looking for a safe space to heal and be heard

Want to experience this healing mentorship? Sign up here for your free 30-minute It’s Your Time to Thrive call.

Available Packages:

Every package contains dozens of personalized worksheets; comprehensive one-on-one support; a PDF summary of every session; and a free 90-minute follow up, 3 months after your last session. Every session is one hour long.

Embrace Emotional Freedom 12 Sessions; Weekly/biweekly, Investment: $1720

Embrace Emotional Freedom (12 Sessions)

Did your trauma resurface, and now you’re stuck in an emotional slump? Here’s the perfect package to efficiently overcome this shocking resurgence of past pain and once again focus wholeheartedly on your dreams. You’ll liberate yourself from the hold abuse has on you.

Reclaim Your Power (24 Sessions)

If you’ve been fighting for years to escape the grip of past abuse—you’ll want to sign up for this. In six months of private and compassionate work, we’ll detangle the mess of emotions and beliefs trauma left you with. You’ll come out feeling unstoppable, free, and empowered even in the face of future obstacles.

Reclaim Your Power 24 Sessions; Weekly/biweekly, Investment: $3240:
Intensive Trauma Cleanse 36 Sessions; weekly, Investment: $4600

Intensive Trauma Cleanse (36 Sessions)

Talk about a transformative emotional cleanse! We’ll unwrap the impact abuse had on you—unearthing and overcoming subconscious beliefs from your past. You’ll gain total freedom from limiting beliefs. If you’re looking for a long term mentor along your journey, this is the package for you.

Recreate Your Life (48 Sessions)

Expect a radical transformation in this year of private mentorship. You’ll learn to live an unconditionally self-loving life, filled with authentic action. Your life purpose will be laid out clear in front of you. The path to reach your dreams will be as easy as following a detailed map. If you’re looking for ultimate empowerment, this is the package for you.

Recreate Your Life 48 Sessions; weekly, Investment: $5900

Kind Words from Past Clients:

"He makes you feel truly understood, human, nurtured, safe, and capable."

"Arien's sessions have been beyond helpful to me. Before, I had been relying on cyclist coping mechanisms that although did help for the time being, wouldn't help me overcome the same difficulties and issues again and again. It was a band aid on an infected wound.

The first session I had with Arien was more eye opening and healing than I could have ever imagined. Not only was he able to address my issues in the most caring way, but he was able to pin point what the underlying issue was. Every time he would, I felt like I was finally truly understood. We touched on 7 very important self-discoveries and even a goal for myself at the end.

He makes you feel truly understood, human, nurtured, safe, and capable. Almost like a guardian angel in human form. You are in wonderful hands. I promise."

-Miriam Estrada, June 2016

"I’m so happy and grateful to have this experience with Arien and I feel that it has been essential to my growth."

"I was nervous initially about coaching because I felt I would be sharing a lot of my personal experiences and feelings. After my first talk with Arien I became less apprehensive and I knew that if I ever felt uncomfortable or didn’t want to continue, that he would be receptive and understanding. And I’m glad I did continue because of the benefits and insights that came of it. Coaching helped me accept and realize my true potential. Through this I’ve recognized my goals, learned better goal-setting strategies, and learned how to trust myself more.

I’ve become more of the person I want to be and accepted myself for who I am. This has helped me help others as well. This is so important to me because I wish to ease other people’s suffering and live my life through love. I’m so happy and grateful to have this experience with Arien and I feel that it has been essential to my growth."

-Kai Ramey, October 2016


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