Reclaiming a self loving perspective after abuse is one of the greatest challenges us survivors face. Our abusers made us hate ourselves. That’s how they kept control over us.

But now that you’re free from them, you can start to reclaim self compassion.

Although having a self loving view of yourself can sound incredibly challenging, it truly isn’t out of reach. Even though your abuser worked for months or years to convince you to hate yourself—you don’t have to stay in this state forever.

Reclaiming self love is about seeing that you’re not at fault for self hatred. That was something your abuser forced on you and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

You didn’t ask for self hatred. You didn’t create it.

Adopting a self loving mindset is also about making room for righteous anger. The feeling that recognizes the unfairness of your trauma, while accepting what happened so you can forgive yourself throughout the process of recovery.

Like all healing, this won’t happen overnight. But, through small and consistent steps, you will reclaim compassion and release self hatred.

And this video is a great way to get started.

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Reclaim self compassion here: Self Compassion: The Art of Loving Yourself Louder

You don’t want to miss these highlights!

Exactly why self hatred is not your fault and how you can start seeing your innocence today [0:40]

The emotion that works like your self loving protector and how to tap into it [1:27]

Simple and effective strategies to reclaim self love [2:13]

I know it’s hard to live with the aftermath of trauma—especially the emotions of self hatred. Constantly feeling bad about yourself can really make life absolutely miserable.

But you can totally change this around. You can flip self hatred on its head and replace it with beautiful, self loving perspectives. You can reclaim joy and happiness in life.

Leaving a comment below is a great first step you can take, too!

And what key component of this video has helped the most? What is your favorite exercise of self love—and how can you use it today?

Lastly, please share this blog with another survivor of abuse! We all know just how pervasive self hatred can be and I’m sure it would mean the world to your friend if you helped them break free from it.

We all deserve compassion, kindness, and a gentle environment to thrive in. This isn’t what we had with our abusers, but I’m certain that you can now reclaim it.

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