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How to Make Every Decision with Self Confidence

You’ll have self confidence if you believe in the decisions you make. 

Making decisions you believe in means trusting you followed your heart and did what was truly best for yourself. If you’re certain you did the best thing we possibly could at the time, then you’ll feel strong and self-loving even if something doesn’t work out. 

That’s ideal—to trust ourselves every time we make a choice.

Imagine being able to go on a date and know you showed up authentically, feeling confident whether it does or doesn’t work out. Or picture going into a new career or personal venture and not worrying about the criticism you might get.

You’ll walk down the street believing you’re a person worthy of existing on this planet. 

That’s the power of self confidence. It’s something you can reclaim, even after all you went through in the past. And this blog will show you how.

How to Awaken Self Confidence Through the Decisions You Make

We make choices thousands of times a day. Most are subconscious and born from habit—but there are still dozens we really think about. Within these, there’s a lot of room for self-doubt. And doubt is the opposite of self confidence. 

How can we believe in ourselves when we’re constantly questioning and doubting? 

The key to confidence is believing you are making the right choices.

This is the one thing you’ll need to awaken life-long self confidence. But, as I’m sure you know, it’s not all that easy to believe in our decisions. 

This blog will make it far easier, though. So what is this one thing that awakens trust in ourselves and all the choices we make? 

It’s knowing your core values—then making your decisions based on these.

How Core Values Awaken Self Confidence

Core values help you identify what matters most to you. When you know these, you can check in with them each time you make a decision. Asking yourself “Does this align with what I value the most?” allows you to make choices you always believe in.

Core values guide you to decisions that are authentic and heart-centered.

So what are core values? They’re positive concepts aligned with the person you truly are (and the person you want to become). They’re usually broad concepts like compassion or family or wealth.

Core values inspire so much self confidence because they allow you to act with positive intentions. You’re making choices based on what truly matters to you.

Decisions made from core values stand up to criticism from others and your own self-doubt.

If you know your choice was right for you, criticism either bounces off or fuels genuine self-improvement. Failure inspires you to revisit your values and try again, rather than creating pressure to give up. Criticism hurts a lot less when you know what you did was right for you.

Every decision you make matters enough to you to keep going. So, it becomes easy to believe in yourself.

There’s also a beautiful feeling when you act on your core values. It’s a sense of deep fulfillment, purpose, and connection with yourself. These emotions alone are enough to greatly increase self confidence and courage.

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How to Discover Your Core Values

Ideally, you’ll want a list of 8-10 main values to guide you through life. You obviously care about more than that, but keeping this list focused on the most important is what will awaken self confidence. Too long of list becomes overwhelming and confusing. 

To find your top 10 values, begin by brainstorming 30-50 things you really care about. Here’s a list of possible core values that can get some ideas circling your head. 

Once you have this list, look through them and combine any similar values into one single value. Here’s an example: 

When I did this, I had highlighted generosity, kindness, and compassion as three of my values. They’re all similar, so I combined them into one single value: compassion.

Ultimately, being generous is compassionate. Being kind is compassionate. So, compassion encompassed what all three of these stood for. 

Here’s a few more examples: 

Financial wealth, many friendships, materialism = Personal abundance

Friends, family, romance = Relationships

Mental health, physical health, recovery, wellbeing = Health

After you combine the ones you can, then rank them in order of most important. Take the top 8-10 of these and you’re good! You now know what your core values are. You’re ready for them to start inspiring self confidence. 

(If you need a hand figuring out your values, comment below or make a post in this group for a little help!)

Personalize Your Core Values (This is Super Important!)

Most blogs overlook this part. Basically, you have to know what the value means to you individually. After all, one single word can fit a whole bunch of personal ideas of what it means.

Wealth means a totally different thing for someone who grew up in poverty compared to someone who grew up with abundance. 

Compassion could mean generosity to strangers, kindness in close relationships, a spiritual practice of compassion, and/or so many more things. Every person may see compassion differently.

You need to know what each value means to you, so others’ opinions don’t sway your decisions, create doubt, or cause confusion. So, take your top core values and write a short paragraph (2-5 sentences) describing what that means to you. 

Here’s an example:


Having a deep sense of freedom, without fear, about money and being able to donate meaningful sums to charities and individuals in need. Abundance would allow me to take care of my body through nurturing activities (massage, acupuncture, yoga, and more). It also means an abundance of peace and time, not feeling rushed as I move through life, along with an abundance of love from those closest to me and from within my own heart. 

Using Core Values to Make Decisions with Self Confidence

Making choices becomes easier now that you know what matters most to you. You’re basically going to think, every time you’re unsure about something, “Does this align with my core values? Does it go against any?”

Avoid decisions that contradict your values. Like if you value peace, don’t do something you know will make you feel frantic. 

If both choices reflect your values in a good way, choose the one that aligns with the most.

If you make a decision that isn’t aligned to your values, it’s okay. Just realign next time you can make a new decision about the situation. 

Like all personal growth, this naturally takes time and practice to master. Celebrate every single moment you act from a value-based place and notice the self confidence you gain. 

So, what are five of your values? What’s one decision you’re going to make this week based on those values? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you! 

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  1. Anusha

    Good day
    I read your blog, it is very interesting but I do not know what my core values are ?

    How do I go about finding that out?


    • Arien Smith

      Hi Anusha! That’s a great question. You can definitely google some articles on how to find your core values, or you can access a webinar recording I have on the topic from a while ago right here! Just sign up after the quiz and, within a couple days, you’ll get access to that and more resources at your dashboard when you log in.


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