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Sabotaging Relationships? This is How to Find Peace in Love

Do you ever start to love someone too much, then get scared and push them away? Sabotaging relationships like this is super common for us survivors.

And, unfortunately, we end up losing some of our closest relationships because of this.

Why do we push away love—something we want so much? Because abuse made love scary. Uncertain. All you’re trying to do is protect yourself from more pain.

And the way we do this is through sabotaging relationships.

But this isn’t a reason to lose hope! You are lovable and amazing and, after this video, you will find the answers you need to overcome this pattern of sabotaging relationships.

Love will stop feeling so scary. You’ll come to embrace it.

To begin treasuring every moment you spend with your loved ones—without the urge to run away—give this episode a watch.

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You don’t want to miss these highlights:

The key to ending the cycle of relationship sabotage, once and for all. [1:19]

How accepting the uncertainty of unconditional love will help you feel safe in your relationships. [2:28]

The best way to explain why you lashed out to the people. And how to know, based on their reaction, if they’re the right people to keep in your life. [3:12]

Bael, my fellow alter, truly helped me out a lot with this video—so here’s a shout out to him. We’ve both experienced this pattern of sabotaging relationships, but with different methods and intensities. It was a joy to pool our experiences together to create this video for you.

We’re also curious to hear about your experiences, so please leave a comment below!

What causes you to sabotage your relationships? Which part of unconditional love scares you the most?

And please do share this with another survivor you know. We all deserve to find love, and this means we need to overcome our own pattern of sabotaging relationships first. You can bring love together, just by sharing this video with a friend.

You deserve to feel safe in the love people give you. To honor the connections you share with others.

It’s my hope that, with this video, you’ve come one step closer towards making room for love in your life.

How close are you to living a life you love? Take the quiz here!

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