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What to Do When You’re Too Exhausted to Reach Your Goals

Too exhausted to reach your goals? When you’re fighting a daily battle in your mind, it can be hard for you to muster the energy to pursue your dreams. This is okay.

It’s possible to reach your goals even when you’re tired. All it takes is a willingness to rest and recuperate, then consistent effort when you have energy. You don’t need to make forward progress every day.

It’s not required to work every free second towards your goals in order to reach them. Sure, working towards a better life is important, but rest is too. Sometimes, it’s rest that really helps you move forward.

Not all people believe we should step aside from our dreams. Some think we should constantly be working to reach our goals. But I think this is too much. It’s too great of a demand, especially on those of us who are recovering from painful pasts.

You can reach your goals without working every free moment

So many people pressure us to work, work, and do more work. It’s only natural to feel ashamed when you take a day off, stumble backwards, or don’t have the motivation to do every part of your goal plan. It’s because of this societal standard that you feel bad when you take a day off.

This episode is all about embracing your need for rest, rather than feeling ashamed when you’re exhausted. You’ll find freedom from the pressure to always have forward momentum and you’ll see rest’s important role in your journey to a better life.

Give this video a watch to strike the perfect balance between rest and dream-achieving momentum.

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Even when you’re exhausted, you can make incredible progress towards the goals you have. The battle you fight every single day takes a lot of energy. It’s okay to take a break and plan to reach your goals another day.

It’s my hope this episode has ingrained the message “rest is okay” into you. Helping you no longer feel bad about yourself on the days where you just can’t keep pushing forward.

So, do you agree that you don’t need to be progressing forward every day? And, if you do agree, what do you need to tell yourself to be okay with unmotivated days? Please leave your thoughts below in the comments! I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

I’d also love if you could share this video with a friend, too. This message is important. It’s okay to rest, it’s okay to not always be moving forward.

If you are exhausted, set your dreams aside for a day. Focus on what is in front of you, knowing that tomorrow you can begin on a journey to reach your goals again. It will be a better, more self-loving time to do this.

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  1. Elisha

    This was awesome advice and very much needed for me. Thank you!!!

    • Arien Smith

      Thank you! I am so happy that it helped you.


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January 10, 2018