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When You Raise Awareness, You Uplift Yourself and the World

You’re really super awesome and, with that awesomeness, you can change the world.

The power of a single voice is often overlooked. We think we need to be a famous speaker or celebrity to make an impact. But, the real work happens with those of us who aren’t these people. We’re the ones that change the mindsets of our communities and families and friends.

If none of us ever spoke up about the things we believed in, nothing would ever change.

This is why your voice can make an impact. When you decide to raise awareness, you are deciding to change the world.

Like I talked about last week, focusing on living a meaningful life can increase the amount of joy you feel. This means, when you raise awareness for an issue you’re passionate about, you are improving both your own life and all the lives around you.

This is no small thing. You are no small thing. You are an incredible and powerful force in this universe, totally capable of making an impact. There is a role in this world that you can fill perfectly.

Raise awareness in a way that excites you. That is where you will make the greatest impact.

Sometimes, there’s a pressure to join protests or stay up to date with all the news and other very demanding things. Activism and raising awareness can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

The key is to focus on what excites you and what you feel confident acting on. This might be tweeting about an issue or going to a protest or something totally different.

How you can find this sweet spot is detailed in the episode below, as well as why you—as one single person—really can change the world.

Isn’t it incredible how one single action really can change the world? How one moment of raising awareness could make a huge impact? I think it’s stunning.

So, what is one way you’re going to raise awareness?

What issue are you going to focus on and how will you speak up about it?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. When you share them, or you share this blog with a friend, you are inspiring others so they can change the world too. This simple action is the beginning of a huge ripple. And your bright and beautiful soul is at the center of it.

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  1. Chris Denaro

    Well said, Arien. So many of societies biggest progressive changes happened only when enough people spoke up.

    • Arien Smith

      For sure! It all starts with one voice that inspires others to speak, or that connects with others.

  2. Cindy Jones

    I agree. I think its important to read and know what is going on around us.

  3. Donna DeRosa

    I believe that one person can make a difference in the world. Sometimes even just a smile can make a huge impact on someone.

    • Arien Smith

      I totally agree! A smile can truly go a long way.

  4. Bonnie McConaughy

    Such a great message! One small action can really start a ball rolling, keep it going, or simply reach more people in your own world. I agree that it can seem overwhelming to keep up-to-date on all the goings on in the world but what we’re passionate about, that’s where we should share our opinions in a constructive way.

    • Arien Smith

      Exactly, it’s amazing what the power of one action can do. I fully agree with all you shared here! Thanks so much for commenting, Bonnie.


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May 24, 2017