Why Pursuing Happiness is Not the Best Goal

Happiness is an awesome emotion. It’s enjoyable to feel and easy to embrace—it’s something we truly want a lot of in our lives! Despite it’s general awesomeness, it’s completely irrational to expect to have this feeling 24/7. For this reason, pursuing happiness as our main goal is not the smartest thing for any of us to do.

I don’t want to discount how wonderful happiness is. It’s important to seek out and to strive for greater amounts of it in our life. Pursuing happiness can be a goal we have, but it shouldn’t be our primary one. It’s simply not realistic.

Happiness is an emotion and, like all emotions, it comes and goes. It’s easily affected by situations that happen around us and other feelings we hold within ourselves.

Pursuing happiness is an important thing, but it shouldn’t be the primary goal in our lives

When we demand something unachievable, we set ourselves up for disappointment. When we are trying to be happy in every moment, we make ourselves vulnerable to shame when we’re upset or feeling down.

But there is nothing wrong with this. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad, angry, emotional, overwhelmed, or any other internal experience. You are a valid and wonderful person, even when you are not feeling happy.

Once we accept the depths of our emotional experiences, we embrace what it’s like to truly be alive. This makes room for something far more powerful than happiness: joy.

As soon as some of this trickles into our heart, we can intensify this joy. It can grow in any emotional terrain because joy isn’t strictly an emotion. It’s bigger than happiness. We are joy.

But how do we switch away from pursuing happiness towards inviting true joy into our lives? All we have to do is reframe our priorities. Once you shift your goals the way I talk about in this episode, joy will come rushing in.

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See why happiness alone is an irrational goal to have? All of our emotional experiences deserve to be embraced. We should give ourselves love no matter what we’re experiencing. Joy empowers us to treasure life as a whole, not just the moments when we’re feeling “good” emotions.

As a society, we put too much pressure on pursuing happiness and this really needs to change. Give this blog a share by making a post on your favorite social media platform or linking it to a friend. When you do this, you’ll be a powerful voice saying, “It’s okay to feel all of your emotional experiences. There are better ways than pursuing happiness to have a life you love.”

I would also love if, before we part ways, you leave a comment with your thoughts on pursuing happiness.

What pressure has seeking happiness put on you, how has that stressed you out?

And now, knowing that joy is easier and more fulfilling to seek, what value are you going to focus on manifesting in your life more? How are you going to do this?

I wish so much joy upon you!

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