The Prosperity Path F A Q

Who is The Prosperity Path quiz and program meant for?

The Prosperity Path is intended for survivors of abuse (any type) who want to find sustainable joy and peace. You’re a great fit for this work if you’re unlikely to end up in a mental health crisis and you are free from your abuser. If you are still struggling with suicidal thoughts, self harm, or other critical mental health symptoms, therapy is likely a better fit for you than this program.

You can still have a mental illness and lingering trauma symptoms, addiction, and more and be a part of this journey, though. It’s just important you recognize this isn’t treating or diagnosing any conditions—this is about moving beyond surviving and into a place where you’ll truly love your life.

Why is The Prosperity Path in six sequential stages?

After getting through 15 years of abuse and attending therapy for a couple years, I had mastered the art of surviving life after abuse. But…that was a far reach away from feeling joyous and peaceful. I was struggling, despite the stability I had.

I wanted things to feel better okay at best. I wanted to thrive. So, I worked my behind off trying to find strategies to get me there.

I bounced around a lot in this journey, trying to solve problems before I fully understood them. Or trying to make choices about my life without realizing I was trying to change something I had no control over.

So, I reflected on my three year journey and picked apart what strategies created the foundation for other healing changes. I figured out a sequence of steps that actually helped me heal my past and reach a joyous life.

For instance, you can’t make truly empowered choices (Module 2) without understanding acceptance first (Module 1). You can’t understand obstacles in your way (Module 4) without being clear on what your dream life is (Module 3). A direct path, each strategy building upon the previous, became clear. That’s why the Prosperity Path is in six stages. Each one directly builds upon the skills in the previous stage. 

I’ve been doing healing work for years, why am I in stage one?

The Prosperity Path is meant for survivors who have already done a lot of healing work—possibly over months, years, or decades. A stage one result simply highlights that acceptance is a missing piece in your journey to joy. Most likely, you already have other stages in this path mastered (or at least have a lot of skills in them!). When you go through this first stage, everything will start falling into place and your life will become so much easier.

Does The Prosperity Path work for everyone?

This path has already worked for hundreds of survivors of abuse I’ve worked with, but no—it doesn’t work for everyone! We’re all individuals and, although I believe in the path I’ve designed here, I recognize this can’t help everyone find joy, peace, and prosperity. I encourage you to give the ideas here a try and see what works for you, and to seek out other work and give that a try too. I’m all in favor of you designing your own unique ‘Prosperity Path’ too.

Who created The Prosperity Path?

That would be me, Arien Smith! I’m a survivor of 15 years of sexual abuse (child and adult), including trafficking and a handful of near-death experiences. I currently live with a few chronic illnesses, Complex PTSD, and Dissociative Identity Disorder as a result of what I survived. Even with these, I truly feel joyous about my life.

It took me a while to find a path beyond just surviving. Once I did, I sat down and tried to figure it all out. How did it work? What came first? What lead to what? That’s what formed The Prosperity Path.

Today, I’m running a business I love. I’ve forgiven myself (and continue to when I make new mistakes) and found peace in what happened in the past. I’m happy to be free of the abuse and I feel like a new person. My life consists of an amazing fiancée, sweet service dog in training, and a nice little home next to a part. I still have goals I’m working towards, to deepen my joy even more, but I love my life and the path I’m on. It’s thanks to The Prosperity Path that I’m here.

Here’s my full about page.

What is the science behind The Prosperity Path?

The Prosperity Path is a self-discovered journey as I was working on building a life I loved after abuse…but, I’m also a science nerd. I read journals, studied psychology and self help techniques, and got my hands into anything that might help.

Some of this path is built off of CBT and DBT therapeutic practices (like radical acceptance and self-talk). Some are from life experiences (like interviewing your own emotions). Others are from self help books and programs (like Brené Brown’s and Tara Brach’s work).

Since I’m not a trained researcher or counselor, I’m not equipped to test and validate this path scientifically. Not many scientific studies actually track survivors of abuse who find joy after their trauma, so unfortunately there is very little specific data about this.

I do plan on collecting case studies as the Prosperity Path reaches more and more survivors. If you’d like to share how this helped you, please reach out at [email protected]