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More Peace, Less Stress Guided Meditations


Imagine waking up tomorrow, stretching your arms above your head and letting out a long and calm exhale. Picture rising with a sense of peace, a small smile on your face as you start the day. You get up, peer out the window. You feel content with the rays of sun warming your skin.

If you live with anxiety, you know this sort of peace is a rare treasure. These meditations make it much easier to dig up. Peace can become a regular part of your life.

The More Peace, Less Stress guided meditations are crafted to bring more calm into the lives of those of us struggling with anxiety. Instead of fighting against the stress every day, you can turn to these meditations downloaded on your phone and relax.



Meditations Included:

Inner Child Meditation: Promotes communication with your subconscious to awaken wisdom to help with your current life, fosters creativity to overcome problems, and creates room to work through any sources of childhood anxiety that are still holding you back.

Meditation to Build Inner Peace: Every time you do this meditation, it adds a little more peace into your life. The more you do this, the more calm you’ll feel on a day to day basis. You can try this one for free here.

Meditation to Calm Rapid Breathing: This slows any rapid breathing you might feel in states of stress through timed breathing and calming techniques. It’s helpful with panic attacks, hyperventilation, and overwhelm.

Grounding Meditation: Helps you feel rooted in your body and the earth around you, all while showing you how limitless and expansive you and your dreams are too. It’s calming and can even stop dissociation—that feeling anxiety causes when you feel disconnected from the world.

Meditation to Cleanse Thoughts and Emotions: This meditation helps you understand what emotions and thoughts are holding you back. You’ll also listen to solutions buried deep within your subconscious. There’s no more efficient and calm way to heal than this!

Calm! Meditation to Halt a Panic Attack: This one speaks for itself. Using two scientific techniques to lower anxiety, this meditation can literally stop a panic attack in progress.

Safety and Comfort Meditation: Feeling unsafe can be a major trigger for anxiety. If you’re stressed and feeling anything but secure, give this meditation a try. You’ll feel protected and calm after listening to this.

You Are Loved Meditation: This one is a beautiful meditation filled with eight powerful affirmations to increase self-love. If you struggle with self-image, self-acceptance, or feelings of compassion towards yourself, this meditation is here to help you.

Some more about the More Peace, Less Stress Guided Meditation set:

-All of these meditations employ visual, cognitive, and therapeutic techniques meant specifically for lowering anxiety 

-There are meditations to cope with immediate and long term anxiety, from panic attacks to generalized stress 

-Over 4 hours of relaxing material, and 8 different types of meditations

-You’ll receive all the meditations with and without background music, so you can choose which relaxes you the best

-Comes with a PDF guide on how to best use these meditations to lower anxiety and explanations on why these meditations are so effective

-$6 of every purchase goes to support Kyo, the current scholarship recipient!

For questions, email You’ll get a response within a business day! 


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