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How to Have an Easier Life With This One Problem Solving Skill

Feel like the problems you face are never-ending? Like you’re struggling to solve them before new ones come up. 

Us survivors of abuse often face a greater challenge with life’s ups and downs, since we didn’t learn effective problem solving skills as children (we were too focused on our basic survival). 

Yet, you were able to get through the trauma you faced, so you have the strength to solve literally any obstacle that comes your way. You just need a little guidance on how, and that’s what this blog is here for. 

Step 1: Get to Know What Type of Challenge You’re Facing

Obstacles can be one of two types: internal or external. Internal obstacles are things like limiting beliefs, patterns of self-talk, and cycles of self sabotage. 

External obstacles are outside factors, like relationship issues, money struggles, intrusive thoughts or emotions, mental illness, and more. This blog focuses on external obstacles

(If you want to solve internal obstacles, check out one of these two blogs: How to Break Free of Any Self Defeating Cycle or 4 Steps to Overcome Limiting Beliefs after Abuse)

The first problem solving skill you need is the ability to understand your obstacles, and this starts by identifying if they are internal or external. Is it something happening to you (a force acting on your life)? Then it’s external. Or is it something coming from within (a mindset-based thing)? Then it’s internal. 

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Step 2: Clearly Understand the Obstacle

Next, you need to fully understand what the obstacle you’re facing is. Basically, you’ll want to be able to answer these questions about it:

How is this obstacle affecting my life? (Emotions, literal impact on lifestyle, relationship changes, etc.)

What caused this obstacle? Can I change that? 

What can I change and what can I not change about this situation? 

What choices do I have the power to make about the impact of this obstacle? 

Do I have any beliefs about this obstacle? What are they? (Or what beliefs did this obstacle bring up?)

To build effective problem solving skills, you’ve got to be able to understand the obstacle you’re facing. That means being able to answer these questions with total clarity. 

So, think of an obstacle you’re facing right now and write down your answer to each of these! After you’ve done that, you’re ready to move on to the next stage. 

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Step 3: Design Effective Solutions

Problem solving skills, of course, involve creating solutions. But, this isn’t just coming up with one way to overcome an obstacle and acting on your 1st idea. You have to create the right solutions for you

To do this, you’ve got to know your core values, brainstorm a list of solutions, and then compare that list to your values. 

Values are the best way to guide your decisions (like this blog teaches), ensuring your problem solving skills are truly effective. Choose the solution that matches up with your values the best and you’re setting yourself up for success. 

Here’s my challenge for you: Get to know your top eight values, then brainstorm ten potential solutions to the obstacle you’re facing (they don’t all need to be realistic). Next, pick your top three solutions (based on what sounds the most doable) and compare them to your core values. Does the solution support your values? Does it go against any? Eliminate solutions that disregard your values and keep the ones that line up with them. 

There you go—now you know what solution is best for you to act on!

Step 4: Take Action with Your New Problem Solving Skills

You’re ready to jump into action! Look at the solution you picked and break it down into a doable goal. What actions do you need to take to make this solution a reality? Write those down, including the time and place you’ll do them.

Essentially, the last piece of having effective problem solving skills is the courage to take action. This is way easier to get now that your solution is aligned with your values—meaning you’re following what your heart most desires. This will lead you towards joy

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Also go ahead and leave a comment below! What obstacle are you facing right now? What value-based solution have you come up with for it? I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

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