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The Power You Unleash When You Share Your Story

How do you know when it’s the right time to share your story? The best place is where you feel empowered, safe, and capable of inspiring others. But, how do you find this?

Know that your story matters. It will change someone’s life when you share it. It will give them hope, and optimism, and remind them to keep going. You made it through and, by hearing you share your story, they will know that they can pull through too.

It is validating and self-loving to share your story. When you tell the world “this is what I’ve been through and this is how I’ve survived it,” you are speaking your truth. You are celebrating your journey, your strength, and your resilience.

When you share your story, you celebrate yourself and inspire others simultaneously

In order to make a positive impact, in your own life and the lives of others, it’s crucial to find the right time and place to describe all you’ve been through and all you have accomplished. If you speak too soon or too publicly, you may find yourself feeling too vulnerable. If you share your story for the wrong reasons, you could end up feeling rejected.

You can discover the perfect time and place through a few simple questions, all listed in this episode of Arien Inspires.

After watching this, you will find it easier to discern the reason you’re sharing your story. You will know if it’s seeking validation (something quite hard to find outside yourself) or if you’re sharing from a place of self-empowerment. You’ll even be able to mitigate the risk of sharing your story, finding a time and place perfect for you.

There are people in this world who have walked a similar journey, but are unsure if they can keep going. When they hear that you pulled through, they will find the courage to take that next step. You will see that you have a kindred soul in this world.

When you share your story, you change the lives of others. Dozens, hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of other people. You may even save another’s life. That is the stunning power your words hold.

Your story is important and the world needs to hear it. You deserve to find a safe, comfortable, and inspiring place to share it—somewhere that will make an impact and help you feel great as well. And, I promise, there is a place like that out there for you. This episode will guide you towards it.

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As promised, here are some links where you can anonymously or safely publish your story from behind the protection of your computer.

Uncover Your Joy Tumblr
National Alliance on Mental Illness
The National Domestic Violence Hotline
Brave Miss World
The Mighty: Online Mental Illness and Disability Magazine

When you share your story, you change the world. You show others they are not alone and you realize that, this entire time, you were not alone either. You will discover a community of people striving to be where you are and others who are living the life you’re dreaming of.

Describing all you have been through in a safe and supportive environment is the best way to make an impact—even as just one single person walking this world.

Now I’d absolutely love to hear from you. What is something you have overcome and how has it empowered you?

This blog is a perfect place to share a bit of your journey. This community is filled with loving minds and I make sure the comments stay friendly and respectful. When someone else reads what you write, they may realize that you have walked a similar path. So please don’t hesitate to share your story in the comments below. You could change a life today, even through this little action.

Thank you so much for joining me in this episode of Arien Inspires. It’s always a joy to bring you this inspiration.

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  1. Diane L.

    Great article! I agree that sharing your personal story is not only cathartic for you but helps to show others that they are not alone–someone else is going through the same thing! It helps to put everyday life into perspective when we share. I had to overcome the affects of a difficult childhood to become a mother, but I rose to the challenge and found out I was stronger than I could have imagined. Learning that I was not alone in this type of struggle definitely put things into perspective.

    • Arien Smith

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Diane! I can’t agree more about how much it puts our journey into perspective when we share our story. I am so glad you found strength in the midst of your journey. That’s absolutely wonderful!

  2. Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS

    Wow, talking does do so much doesn’t it. I hear that writing it down helps as well. I love the links you provided, this is great information.


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October 4, 2017