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Overcoming Abuse Has Truly Empowered You

Being a victim is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Victimhood means you have lived through and are overcoming abuse, day in and day out. That’s strength, not weakness.

And yet, despite the strength us survivors have, we often feel powerless.

I remember thinking I would feel empowered after overcoming abuse, only to have the opposite happen. Instead, I was faced with debilitating mental illnesses and a long road to recovery. I thought I’d lost my autonomy, my strength, and my ability to live the life I wanted.

Do you feel like you’re in that same boat? If so, this episode is a perfect one for you.

By changing your perspective about what being a victim and a survivor means, you can feel incredibly empowered. Even while you still are doing the work to heal, you can take each stride in confidence.

Overcoming abuse has transformed you into a strong and capable person.

You can take all you have experienced, learned, and transformed, and you can change so many lives for the better. By living your truth, sharing your story, and advocating, you will shine so bright in this world. And that’s a brightness even you, on your darkest days, won’t be able to miss.

I can promise you that it is possible to find empowerment in the midst of these tough times. I believe in you and, after watching this episode, I believe you’ll believe in you too.

After you’ve taken a moment to watch this, I’d love if you would comment below. Each and every word you share uplifts me and so many other readers who pass by this blog. Your comment means a lot to all of us. 

What one of the three techniques mentioned in the episode sounds the most empowering for you and why? What are your plans to act on it?

I’m overjoyed every time I hear about your strength and accomplishments and I can’t wait to hear what you have to share about this!

Above all, remember that you are empowered. Through the single action of overcoming abuse, you have shown the world the depths of your strength.

How close are you to thriving after abuse? Click here to take the quiz!

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  1. Allison Palmer

    I had 3 horribly abusive sisters. Both my parents were alcoholics and extremely abusive. I was never any good. My mother said she messed me up but that I deserved it. My father was so timid. He would never step in and tell my mother to stop.
    I was molested by my maternal grandfather for years. I told my mother. She said we could tell my father. I found out 15 years later that my father knew all along. My mother was a pathological liar

    I had a 5 year romantic relationship with a monster. I was diagnosed with bipolar2, PTSD, depression and anxiety. My 20 year marriage crumbled because my husband was unable to deal with my mental illnesses. He even said in divorce court that he thought I was faking. I’ve been diagnosed by 4 different doctors.
    I now live 300 miles away from my family and my 4 children. Everything became very toxic for me and I had to remove myself from the situation. I have a loving and understanding fiance. He is try so hard to be here for me but I dont make it easy.
    I plan on reading this path, hoping it can help me through this and give me a reason to look forward to my future.

    • Arien Smith

      Thank you for sharing even more of your story, Allison! I definitely think this path has the potential to help you not only heal but build a truly joyous life. You’ve gone through so much and I can tell, just by reading all you survived, that you have the power to create an amazing life–even if it feels impossible right now. Keep hoping and taking one step after the other and things will greatly transform.


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June 21, 2017