3 Remarkable Steps to Overcome a Lifetime of Self Hatred

I’m going to be frank. Self-hatred sucks.

It’s probably the biggest burden that all survivors of abuse live with. And I bet you are plagued by it too.

Self-hatred is not only exhaustingit also limits the love we have in our relationships. It makes us feel like a failure anytime we have a simple mistake.

It’s so unfair that your abuser made you live with self hatred. (After all, this emotion was really a tool that they used to control you.)

So, understandably, the feeling is pervasive and overwhelming. It was something forced onto you by someone malevolent.

But you don’t have to live with it forever. 

You can find so much joy and love and healing! You just need to first untangle yourself from this burden of self-hatred.

How do you do this? 

Well you get to know that shame doesn’t have to be scary. Love doesn’t have to be out of reach. That you really do deserve the wonders this world has to offer.

Start with this video. 

It’ll give you that real way to heal self-hatred, even when that emotion came from something as intense as abuse.

Love is something you can have and it’s something you deserve

Self hatred has stuck with you for a long time, but your life no longer needs to be led by it.

There is peace and inspiration and joy in your future. And it all starts by untangling the mess of self-hatred.

It’s my hope that, by watching this video, you found some solutions. At least a starting off point to overcome this difficult emotion. 

If you want to take this step further, then answer these questions in the comments below! 

What is one simple thing you’ll do today to start to overcome self-hatred? What’s one intention that you’ll set this month and how will you stick to that? 

Give me a quick response below, as that will really start your journey. Seriously, this little bit of writing will give you a foundation to grow self-love from.

And, no matter what, I want you to remember that I believe you’re loved, you are worthy, and you’re capable of so so much! (Just like I say at the end of every video.)

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