Optimism and Positivity in Difficult Situations

We all want to be that person who brings joy into our relationships. We all want to uplift others and bring peace to the world around us. Yet, for those of us who have survived trauma or live with a mental illness, being optimistic after such difficult situations can feel nearly impossible.

I am here today to share with you that it is not impossible. You can have a bright and positive outlook on the world around you. And you can do this without erasing or neglecting the hardship you’ve been through, or the hardship you are still experiencing.

You can be an optimist without overlooking the difficult situations you have faced

I’ve always been called an optimist, despite having faced trauma for many years of my life. Many times, I was asked how I had such optimism after experiencing these horrors.

It’s because I have hope. I recognize what I went through and I still have faith that there are better things to come. When I experience grief and pain, I sit with it and remember that it will not last forever.

Optimism can be a tricky state to pin down. We can’t be too overzealous that we ignore the difficult situations. We can’t be too laser-focused on the hardship that we neglect the beauties in life.

So how do you balance this? How do you find positivity while validating the difficult situations and pains you face?

That’s what this episode is about. How to find optimism and positivity even when life is really hard. Even when you’ve survived horrible traumas or live with debilitating mental illness.

Your level of positivity during difficult situations is on you to define. My hope is that, by offering this new perspective on optimism, you will be able to see your life in a shining light. You will notice the hope and love and empowerment within you and all you have experienced. 

After watching this episode, I would love to hear your thoughts on optimism and what it means to you.

Did optimism previously feel out of reach? Does it feel closer now?

What is one way you have pretended things are fine, or felt like everything is horrible, and how can you reframe this in an optimistic way?

You have a light within you. I can sense it from here and, my gosh, is it radiant! As you find the perfect balance of optimism and acceptance towards the difficult situations you have faced, I’m sure all those around you will see this light too. Including yourself. In no time, you’ll notice your radiance.

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  • Ana
    July 24, 2017 at 4:38 am

    It was refreshing to read this! It’s great to see more people are encouraging others to look at the bright side of life. Keep it up!

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