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We all have the ability to transform hardship into fuel for our dreams. No matter what trauma, trial, or illness you have faced, you can live an empowered life.

Uncover Your Joy challenges the status quo of typical life coaching. Instead of focusing on living just a "happy" life, we focus on self-empowerment even in the face of serious obstacles. 

We specialize in strategies to help you overcome hardship and transform your trials into new strengths, an inspiring worldview, and unlock the unique impact you can make in this world. We believe that, because you have faced hardship, you have an incredible ability to change your life and the lives of the people around you.

The first step of your journey is to book an It’s Your Time to Thrive coaching session. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

Type of coaching: One-on-one
Form of Contact: Skype, Phone, or IM
Length of Time: Approximately 30 minutes
Price: Free!!

Please note that only one session is available per person.

The 3 Stages of Joyous Transformation We'll Cover:

Understanding What Joy Really Means to You

What joy means to you is as unique as your DNA. You have your own dreams, goals, and aspirations, and this session is all about uncovering exactly what makes your own idea of joy so incredible. You’ll create a clear image of what living joyously means to you.

This clarity is empowering. Without a destination in mind, you’ll only run in circles trying to reach your goal. Right at the beginning of this session, you’ll discover exactly how you want to feel, what you want your relationships to look like, your dream lifestyle, and what impact you’re hoping to make in the world around you. Here’s your chance to dream vividly.

Unlock Hidden Strengths & Free Yourself from Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever had that critical voice in your head scare you off from following your dreams? Maybe this voice even chimed in after reading the paragraphs above this! That alone paints a picture of how important this stage is. It’s all about inner transformation here.

This stage is all about learning how to work with that voice so it can help you, rather than hold you back. You’ll face this inner critic, learn what it’s (misguidedly) trying to help you with, and transform it into an ally, rather than an enemy. You won’t repress this voice, you’ll become an unstoppable team.

The second part of this stage is about reflecting on your past and unlocking the hidden skills you can use to fuel your journey to joy. In hardship lies your greatest strengths, and we’ll start uncovering these in your It’s Your Time to Thrive session.

Implement and Transform

Here’s the fun part, where you really see the progress, get the answers, and take action. Every second you’ll see yourself getting closer and closer to your dreams. After we’ve digested what is holding you back and what hidden skills can now benefit you, we can put all of this into action.

At the end of an It’s Your Time to Thrive session, you’ll have a game-plan of how to overcome a limiting belief we unearthed. With this, you’ll be a clear step closer to your dream life. It’s the foundation so you can continue this action, personal growth, and joyously transform every moment of your future. An It's Your Time to Thrive session sets the stage for all future coaching, personal growth, and joy.

At the end of our coaching relationship, you will be unlimited and unstoppable. Your past hardship and current trials will no longer hold you back or scare you away from your dreams. You’ll awaken your greatest potential and learn how to impact the world with the true positivity,  and strength your unique life’s story has given you.

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