Embrace your purpose: creating the confidence you need to thrive

I believe in you. I believe in the potential you have to reach all your dreams, no matter what hardships you face in life. You're worth believing in, you're worth investing in.

Right now, things are tough. Perhaps you can cope, but you aren't really living, you aren't really joyous. You aren't totally confident you can keep going like this.

That's going to change. You'll make decisions that lead you directly towards awakening your purpose in this world. You will be able to embrace all parts of yourself, taming your inner critic and loving every bit of who you are.

The life you have always wanted to live is within reach and this will help you take confident strides towards it.

This 8-week strategy series will empower you with dozens of techniques to overcome obstacles, feel fulfilled while living with a mental illness, and help you break free of self-sabotage, plus so many more things. Read on and see just how much potential you can unlock from within yourself.

How Does Group Coaching Work?

When I was diagnosed with PTSD, I felt totally lost. It seemed like my dreams were farther away than ever. It felt unfair, to have survived the trauma only to be set back by the recovery. Instead of surrendering, I worked within me to learn self-help, therapy, and mindfulness techniques that would help me heal faster.

Along the way, I realized an important lesson. Living with a mental illness does not mean we have to sacrifice our goals. It creates challenges, yes, but living our dreams is more than possible. The lessons that taught me this—and how I found the ability to create my dream business, find love, and live a confident life—is all packed within this group coaching.

All of the exercises and techniques I’ve used are in this 8-week program. You’ll also have a huge benefit of meeting other people walking a similar journey to yours. You and up to eight other people will all embark on a path to live a value-focused, fulfilling, and authentic life while handling your mental illness with grace and ease.

Each of the eight weeks includes a 90-minute video call session, exercises to do at home, and reference material you can keep for life. During the 90-minute calls, we’ll celebrate all the progress you have made, dive into the weekly lesson, and end with a powerful discussion that melds the minds of every brilliant soul attending.

What is Included?

Group coaching includes eight 90-minute sessions, private support throughout the eight weeks, over a dozen worksheets, and a powerful blend of therapeutic and mindful techniques to have you living a fulfilling, joyous, and value-focused life. There are also three hidden bonuses you’ll receive about as a participant!

Cost of Group Coaching

The total cost for group coaching is $360.

There is also a payment plan available upon request. It includes three installments of $130. The first installment is upon signing up, the second is one month after that payment, and the final installment is one month after the second.

Read on for more information! If you'd like to reserve a spot right now, simply email [email protected] with the subject "Group Coaching Sign Up" or scroll down to the section titled "How Do I Sign Up?" on this page.

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What Outcomes Can I Expect?

Reaching your goals will no longer stress you out or compromise your mental health.

You will become incredibly resilient to obstacles and setbacks, handling them with grace when they arise.

Your inner critic will be tamed and transformed into an ally—someone who can help support you when your journey doesn’t go exactly as planned.

You’ll be confident you can achieve any goal you set your heart and mind to. The challenges of living with a mental illness won’t stop you from feeling this inner power.

You will accept and honor all your strength, beauty, and aspirations.

Shame and self-doubt will disappear. You will instead feel capable and inspired as you walk your journey in this world.

You will feel abundant and your life be driven with passion.

Celebrating yourself and your progress will become automatic. You’ll honor the beautiful work-in-progress you are now and in the future.

The Inspiring Content Covered Each Week

Week 1: Ready to feel fulfilled, authentic, and like you are an important part of this world? That’s what this week is all about. You’ll understand what matters most to you and how to craft a fulfilling life with these beautiful priorities at the forefront. Decision making will be a breeze after this.

Week 2: This week, your dreams will start being molded into a crystal clear reality you know you can achieve. Without vivid clarity, your goal seeking path will be like driving to a destination without knowing the address. We'll make sure this struggle will never happen.

Week 3: After this session, obstacles will no longer seem so intimidating. Once you have the ability to predict how you’ll handle even the toughest situations, you’ll be fearless. You’ll be ready to start chasing your dreams and making them a reality, without hesitation or anxiety stopping you.

Week 4: During this week, we’ll cover the powerful concept of acceptance. It’s the number one tool to rely on when things get stressful, unexpected hurdles come your way, or you need to make adjustments to your dreams. After this, you’ll be able to pursue all you desire from a calm and centered place, with lots of self-love too.

Week 5: There is incredible strength lying within you, it helped you survive everything you've faced so far. This week is all about tapping into that strength and transforming it into fuel that will make you unstoppable in the pursuit of your dreams.

Week 6: If this week had a tacky title, it would be “Inner Critic, Be Gone!” This week will help you isolate limiting beliefs (the kind that stop you from going after your dreams) and gracefully overcome them. You’ll transform your inner critic into a helper, not a roadblock, as you pursue your dreams.

Week 7: Here you will conquer the formidable obstacle of self-sabotage. You’ll learn how to recognize the cycle, strike it right in it’s weak spot, and free yourself from falling into a pattern that stops your dreams in their tracks.

Week 8: This final week is action oriented! You’ll learn how to craft two types of action plans—one for your internal goals (like self-love) and one for external goals (like financial security). Then, you’ll pick the one to use for your most important goal right now and set out on a crystal clear, step-by-step, journey towards it.

(P.S. There are some special bonuses you’ll receive after the last group session too! You’ll learn about those as we celebrate your progress during this last week.)

Upcoming 2018 Sessions:

Mondays at 7-8:30pm EST, from 1/22 until  3/19
Wednesdays at 10-11:30am EST from 1/24 until 3/21
Saturdays 12-1:30pm EST from 1/27 until 3/24
Tuesdays 1-2:30pm EST from 1/30 until 3/27
Thursdays from 3-4:30pm EST from 2/1 until 3/29

*Recommended to keep this date available in your schedule, for additional bonuses or any rescheduling due to instances like power outages (rare, but worth planning for!)

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How Do I Sign Up?

Since there are only nine spots available for each group, signing up is done through this sign up sheet below. Once you submit your sign up form, I will email you with the invoice you requested and the starting materials within one business day!

If you prefer, you may also request a spot through email. In this case, please contact [email protected] with the subject line “Group Coaching Sign Up” and you’ll receive all the starting materials and an invoice!

Please note that all available spots are on a first come, first serve basis. In order to hold your spot, the payment (in full or the first installment of your payment plan) must be received within 48 hours of the invoice being emailed to you.

Sign Up Form:

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Is This Coaching a Good Fit for Me?

You’re a great fit if:

You’re dedicated to your own personal growth.

You have dreams and goals you want to achieve, but are struggling to actually reach them.

You live with a mental illness and feel like it’s holding you back from living the life you want.

You’re comfortable being a part of a group and enjoy discussions with like-minded peers.

Group coaching isn’t a good fit for you if:

You are looking for one-on-one communication.

You have no interest in improving your life or you feel perfectly content where you are right now.

You reach your dreams and goals effortlessly.

You are not available on the dates and times of the current sessions being offered.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will group coaching help me?

Group coaching has great potential to transform your life into one you love. If you struggle with a mental illness and feel like it’s holding you back from living your dreams, this program is the perfect fit for you!

Like many things in personal growth, the results are often dependent on the individual effort and intentions you bring into the program. I cannot guarantee results, but I can say that all the techniques I use in this coaching have worked for myself and many other individuals.

I am currently in therapy, can I still attend group coaching?

For sure! Group coaching and therapy pair wonderfully. In fact, if you live with a mental illness, I’d suggest attended therapy while in group coaching. Therapy is fantastic for baseline mental health, coping, and symptom management. Coaching untangles the pains, setbacks, and obstacles holding you back from your dreams. In this 8-week session, we’re going to work hard on creating a clear path towards your dream life and overcoming obstacles along the way. This is totally possible while you’re working with a therapist on your mental health.

Do I need to have a mental illness to attend?

If you feel the benefits of this group coaching will help you improve your life and you don’t have a mental illness, you can still join! This program is crafted around the unique challenges those of us with mental illness face, so my only caution is that you may find some of the material irrelevant. Nonetheless, you are the best judge of your own needs. I won’t turn you away if you feel this program is a great fit. I will work with you with the same dedication as all the other attendees of your group coaching sessions.

What if I can’t afford to pay $360?

A payment plan is available of three payments of $130. Each payment is staggered one month apart. My hope with this is to make group coaching much easier to afford! If this is still too much, group coaching simply isn’t the perfect fit for you right now. 

Helping you out is still super important for me, which is why I will always be creating free videos for my online TV show Arien Inspires. Check them out here!

If I discover group coaching is not for me, can I get a refund?

Definitely. If you decide you would not like to continue after the first session, email [email protected] and you will receive a refund of $300 (or $70 if you have only made the first payment installment). More details about the refund policy are listed at the bottom of this page.

Is group coaching too one-size-fits all?

Group coaching is a dynamic program. It isn’t a step-by-step-follow-this-exactly type of program. There are open ended ways you can use all the techniques and cater them towards your own goals, abilities, and needs.

All these sessions introduce a blend of powerful techniques drawn from therapy, mindfulness, and self improvement that have been shown to help millions of people. Not every technique works for everyone, but there are dozens of ideas and techniques that will be discussed, plus many worksheets and exercises you can try. I’m certain at least several will work for you. Group coaching focuses on showing you how you can get the most out of the resources available to you and offers many potential paths and exercises you can use.

Will I learn as much during group coaching as I would during one-on-one coaching?

With group coaching, you will receive the amazing benefit of up to eight other wisdom-filled minds. Your peers may be able to share insights and expertise that I alone would not have. This is a huge benefit of group coaching!

This said, each group is entirely unique. I cannot predict exactly how much you will learn or what your peers will share. There are individuals who progress at a steady and calm pace during one-on-one coaching and there are some who move very quickly. Group coaching covers the foundation of techniques I provide all of my one-on-one clients in a more succinct and affordable way.

Since this is a group setting, will I receive any time to focus on my own issues?

Yes! I have designed several ways that you can receive individual support, even as a member of  a group. Throughout the eight weeks, you will have access to one-on-one email support. You can send a message with any concern, question, or breakthrough and we can problem solve through email. Responses will be provided within one business day.

If you are seeking additional one-on-one support, we can set up a discounted one-on-one call. They are usually priced at $150 per hour session, but while you are a member of group coaching (during the eight weeks) they will only cost $80. You may receive up to two one-on-one sessions during these eight weeks at this discounted rate. There are also some surprise bonuses that may add to the one-on-one services you’ll receive as well!

What if group coaching becomes overwhelming?

If you discover at any point that the sessions are too overwhelming, you are welcome to not attend the calls and just receive the written material for a flat fee of $120 (for the full program), or you can email me at [email protected] to discuss a refund based on how much you have attended and your individual needs.

I also offer one-on-one support through email, so if you feel overwhelmed and believe that I can do something to help, I welcome you to reach out (excluding situations where a mental health professional is required).

What if I can’t keep up?

Every worksheet and handout from group coaching is yours for life, meaning that you can set anything aside and complete it at a later date that works better for you. Everyone grows, heals, and reaches their goals at a unique pace, so there is absolutely no pressure to be on the exact same path as your peers during group coaching. The pace you go at is entirely customizable and all work is optional. In each session, I’ll explain the benefits of each exercise and you can then decide if it is something you want to complete that week or save for a later date.

How stable do I need to be in order to attend group coaching?

Your mental health and emotional stability are something best judged by yourself and a professional. This group coaching does have the potential to bring up difficult feelings, limiting beliefs, and your inner critic. I would not recommend that you attend if you are currently or recently have been in crisis, are lacking a good care plan in case of emergencies, or are using this as a substitute for professional mental health care (which it is not).

That said, group coaching is highly customizable. It is encourages, but ultimately optional to participate in discussions, complete the worksheets, and attend the calls. If you need additional accommodations or would like to run your current situation by me to see if you’re a good fit, please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]. If you still have questions, I would suggest speaking with your mental health provider.

What if the others in the group don’t accept me or we don’t get along?

Group coaching is a facilitated peer-support group, meaning that I will be carefully tending to the dynamics during our open discussions. Upon signing up for group coaching, you will also receive a form to complete with guidelines and ground rules. Acting in a way that doesn’t comply with these may result in termination of your group coaching membership without refund. (This does not mean accidentally forgetting a group policy! Accidents happen, and I’m a very forgiving person. This is only applicable to intentionally malicious actions.)

There is always the potential for you to become good friends or end up at odds with your peers. The structure of group coaching is set up in a way that, even if you have personal differences, it will not interfere with the quality of growth you can experience throughout this program.

If, at any time, you run into an issue with a group member that does interfere with your comfort or ability to learn, you can contact me directly at [email protected] and I will resolve the matter to the best of my ability. You or the other group member may be given a refund, receive a reserved spot in the next available group coaching series, or be offered other accommodations.

You’re not a therapist, can you really help me?

Group coaching is something I have poured years of experience, study, and planning into. It comes from a powerful desire to heal, experience with overcoming my own mental illnesses, and the synthesis of mental health and personal growth techniques in a way that can transform the lives of all of us living with mental illness.

I am not a therapist and group coaching is not therapy. It focuses on personal growth and uses techniques like radical acceptance, action-plans, overcoming limiting beliefs, and many more foundational exercises for positive personal transformation.

This group coaching comes from my experience of what allowed me to take charge of my life and really transform my dreams into reality. With all my heart, I stand by this offering and my ability to help you and all your fellow peers who attend.

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Refund Policy:

Signing up for group coaching is nearly risk free. If you attend the first session and realize it’s not a good fit for you, just send an email to [email protected] asking for a refund. You’ll receive $300 back (if you paid the fully amount) or $70 back (if you paid the first payment plan installment). Only a $60 deposit is kept to cover initial overhead costs.

If you decide later in group coaching that it’s not a good fit for you, here is the refund breakdown:

Full payment ($360):

Refund before session 2: $300 returned
Before session 3: $270
Before session 4: $220
Before session 5: $170
Before session 6: $120
Before session 7: $70
Before session 8: $20

For a payment plan, you must cancel before paying the second installment. Refund rates are as follows:

Before session 2: $70
Before session 3 (and before second installment): $20

Upon receiving your refund, you will no longer receive additional group coaching materials or be able to attend additional sessions. What you have already received is still yours for life! If you miss a session as you go along, but remain a member of group coaching, no refund will be provided. You will be given follow up materials to summarize what you missed, though.

If you have any questions about the refund policy, please don’t hesitate to email [email protected]. You’ll receive a response within one business day.


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