You do not have a meaningless life

You Do Not Have a Meaningless Life

There is one thing I wish I could make you believe, instantly upon reading this: You matter. You do not have a meaningless life. Your life is filled with purpose, potential, and expanse.

When times are tough, it can feel like life is just a series of distractions. Obstacles we have to run around and climb over. Over time, we can start to dread this—it can feel like a never-ending and exhausting game. It can feel like too much work, like it’s not worth the payout.

I’ve been in the place where I felt like I was just trying and trying to do something that made me feel like life was worth living. Where I found myself more hopeless and dejected as it kept slipping out of my grasp.

This is a place where resentment towards life builds. Where apathy transforms into suicidal ideation. Where depression gains a foothold stronger than ever before. All of these dangers can arise when we feel we are living a meaningless life. When we have a mental illness, we owe it to ourselves to actively work on changing these feelings.

So how do we start to feel like we matter? Like our life is meaningful?

When we see life as a series of distractions it feels meaningless. When we see it as a series of opportunities, we feel empowered.

It’s not as hard as you may think. This sort of topic simply isn’t talked about enough and that’s the only reason it seems so far out of reach. Through this episode, I hope to make it much easier for you find.

There’s one key perspective we have to shift within ourselves to switch from feeling meaningless to meaningful. One single perspective. That is all it takes.

Seeing life as a series of opportunities, not a series of pointless challenges, is this key perspective. It takes time adopt, yes, but simply working on it is how you’ll transform your life. As it integrates deeper into your subconscious and becomes a guiding belief, you will no longer feel like you are living a meaningless life.

Right now, what opportunity can you craft from a situation in front of you?

When you leave a comment, you will be empowering yourself. You’ll be saying “I can do something about this tough situation. I can become the most powerful creator in my own life.”

Like I mentioned earlier, the messages in this episode are hard to come by. Today’s personal development leaders don’t talk enough about how to feel like you have a purpose, especially when our lives are filled with so many obstacles.

So, please share this episode. Whether it’s on social media or directly with someone you care about, you are helping to spread this powerful message with that simple click. This one action could give someone you love the hope they need to keep going.

If you’re struggling to get through this hardship, this blog will also help you out. It’s a great partner to the messages in this video and it will help you hold on through even the toughest of times.

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  • Iris X.
    August 9, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    Thank you Arien. I think reading this helped me feel better today.
    I have been having trouble finding a job due to being very picky about the things I am willing to do and also not knowing what I want to do or what I Am willing to do. I have also been connecting “making money” to self worth and I feel guilty about relying on my parents and not being able to repay them for my “debt” of relying on them even though I am already an adult, so my job search is operating over a current of despair. I guess this can be an opportunity to do more self reflection, because it is something I can do, even if the hardest part is becoming consciously aware of what needs work.
    I have a habit of being a pessimist, but this article still made me feel better.
    Best wishes to you! Your work is so helpful.

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