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The Most Empowering Quote for Survivors of Abuse

Your trauma impacted you, but it does not shape your entire life. You can still live your dreams—even if it feels like it seriously damaged you. You are stronger than ever. This empowering quote from Maya Angelou proves that.

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can choose not to be reduced by them.”

We didn’t control our abusers. They hurt us and we couldn’t stop them. We felt powerless—we possibly were powerless. But now you’re not. You can redefine your life. You can reclaim your future.

Maya Angelou knows what it’s like to be abused. She was assaulted at a young age and traumatized for a long time, so much so that for around five years she couldn’t speak.

She truly understands us survivors. She’s walked in our shoes and she knows our pain. And, most importantly, she knows how to remind us of our true power.

It hurts so much to have a hopeless future, to feel like abuse you couldn’t control took away your chances for a good life. But Maya shows us survivors that we’re not doomed to misery. We can reshape our pasts and redefine our futures.

This empowering quote has truly changed my life. Now I’m hoping to help you take back your power.

If you feel disabled or doomed by past abuse, give this episode a watch. I’ll show you how to use this quote to transform your perspective on your past and make room for a brighter future. One where you find peace and power, and the ability to live your greatest dreams.

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It’s true that abuse changed your life. It does create challenges, but it doesn’t reduce your potential to live every one of your dreams. It’s my hope that this empowering quote reminded you of this.

If you enjoyed this blog, I would absolutely love to hear from you below.

What is one way you can turn your focus around—from looking back at your painful past, towards focusing on an inspiring future?

Also, please share this blog with a survivor that feels limited by their past. Show them they are so much more than the trauma they faced and the pain it left them with. Please help me reach other survivors. My work really depends on your shares.

You truly are an incredible individual, filled with so much inner power. I know you have everything you need to reach your greatest aspirations and it’s my hope this empowering quote helped you see this.

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March 7, 2018