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You deserve unconditional love—the kind of love that honors every single part of who you are, without judging or shaming you in any way. We often put strict conditions on our self-love, but love should always be unconditional. If we ate that brownie we wanted to avoid, we tend to mentally punish ourselves. If we have a relapse in depression symptoms, we’re prone to shooting some daggers of anger towards ourselves. You deserve more than this pseudo self-love. The kind that imposes conditions on you. You deserve a love that says “hey, guess we ate that brownie! We’ll just have to try again the next time something tasty comes by.” A love that tells you, “You didn’t do anything wrong to have these symptoms come back and you can get through it.” Conditional love says, “You’re worthy of love if…” That makes it automatically false, because you’re always worthy of love. Always, always, always. It doesn’t matter if you’re sad, depressed, angry, or happy. You deserve unconditional and radiant love in every single moment. When you see all the parts within you as components trying to help, self-love becomes much more unconditional. It is this totality of love that you deserve.

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