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How to Manage Stress in a Peaceful & Loving Way

There is one technique guaranteed to lower stress in any situation. It’ll help you discover the best solutions, prevent exhaustion, and reduce the fear you feel while facing any challenging experience. It will help you manage stress in a self-loving, empowering way.

It makes sense to doubt a way to manage stress like this exists. What could possibly guarantee you’ll feel better in any overwhelming situation?

It’s actually a surprisingly simple technique—and one that’s radically changed my life for the better. It’s acceptance.

It teaches you how to manage stress by preventing you from wasting energy trying to change things out of your control. With that energy back, you can cope with overwhelm so much easier.

When something difficult happens, we naturally want to change the situation. It makes sense, since this would stop the stress. 

But not all situations can actually change. Sometimes we’re simply in a panic attack, living through a trigger, or at the brunt of someone’s bad mood. We can’t control the actions of others, our illnesses, or the world. 

When we try to control things that are impossible to change, we waste energy. Energy we could be using to manage stress or solve the challenges in ways that will actually work.

The Magic of Acceptance

Overwhelm is terrifying. It’s that anxious feeling, where we’re skimming through life in survival mode, desperately trying to pull the pieces back together. It’s shallow breaths, thoughtless actions, and panic. 

Acceptance is a breath of fresh air in the middle of this. It’s a pause where we can honestly look at our situation and decide what is best action to take. 

Acceptance brings peace, even in the face of hardship. 

It never ignores the situation, either. It’s not about forgetting to take action or make a positive change. Acceptance is active and helps us solve problems. It simply stops us from wasting energy trying to change things out of our control.

It’s simply choosing to acknowledge there are things happening we can’t change. Instead of continuing to try and change them, we turn our energy towards making choices that will actually improve the situation or support ourselves in the midst of overwhelm. 

That’s the magic of acceptance. This is how it strengthens you in the middle of any overwhelm. 

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The Peaceful and Empowered Way to Manage Stress

There are three ways acceptance brings you peace and strength in the face of stress. Each one will help you get through any overwhelming situation with as little emotional damage as possible. This can make even the most traumatizing situations easier to survive. 

First, the energy you’ve been spending trying to change things you can’t will turn productive. Once you stop resisting reality, you can take that energy and focus it on what you most need, like a solution or on simply surviving the situation. 

Second, acceptance will stop you from overreacting and making things worse. When we’re focused on desperately trying to change a situation, we often take action without thinking about the impact of our choices.

Acceptance prevents this.

Third, resisting any situation is uncomfortable or even painful. It’s never pleasant to be constantly focusing on the areas of our life we have no control over—like PTSD symptoms, outside stressors, or our past. Resistance always makes us focus on these. 

With acceptance, you acknowledge the situation once or twice, then move on to focusing on where you have power to make positive change. Even if that power is simply in giving yourself the energy to survive something tough, it’ll be far more pleasant than living in a mindset of resistance. 

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What to do When Acceptance Becomes a Challenge

You can manage stress beautifully with acceptance. But, it’s not always easy to learn this technique at first. 

We live in a world that promotes resistance. People demand others change, we try to control things around us, and we force our views on others. Our society is all about control.

In this world, acceptance is an act of love and rebellion. It’s radical and the best bringer of peace. 

But, since the people around us teach resistance, it can be a challenge to learn how to jump away from it. So, I created The Prosperity Path program to walk you through everything you need to thrive after abuse—starting with mastering acceptance. 

You can learn a ton more about it here, or join the (absolutely free!) Uncover Your Joy Facebook group here for help from other survivors learning acceptance. I also regularly comment and help out in the group! 

Or, share your thoughts below in a comment. 

Have you ever used acceptance to find peace in the middle of a stressful situation? What is your biggest struggle introducing acceptance into your life? 

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