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Self Reflect in the Most Self Loving Way

You deserve to enter this New Year with pride. With joy for who you are and all you have accomplished over the past year. This compassion and optimism comes with a beautiful form of self reflection, one that inspires your journey.

Self reflection, if done in a critical way, can make us feel bad about ourselves. The last thing you want is to enter this new year feeling down about the past 12 months.

You can enter it positively by focusing on your accomplishments first. Then you can isolate things you want to change and new mindsets you want to foster. Bettering ourselves includes celebrating past accomplishments, not just critiquing our shortcomings and planning where we still need to improve.

When you focus more on what you didn’t do, you’ll feel bad. It’s just like writing an essay. If you look at how much paper you still have to fill, you’ll feel discouraged. But, if you look at how much you’ve already written, you’ll have a pristine motivation to keep going. 

Self reflection is about celebrating your achievements, then deciding where you want to continue growing.

So first, celebrate yourself and how far you’ve come. You will begin to see what an essential part of this world you are.

Know that, if all you did was survive this past year, that’s amazing. It’s totally enough but, my bet is that you accomplished far more than you realized. Through this process of self reflection, you’ll come to see it.

After this, you will define goals that will make a stunning impact. They will change you from the inside out-unleashing your gifts into the world.

This video will show you where you can make the greatest change in the upcoming year. Plus, you’ll have a list of accomplishments you can view anytime you’re feeling discouraged.

With this self reflection, your progress will shine bright. So bright that you can’t miss it. Forward momentum will pour out like a huge waterfall.

You will be inspired and unstoppable as you enter January.

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As promised, here are resources to help you affect common mindset changes in this new year:

Increase self love by with: Self Compassion: The Art of Loving Yourself Louder and Authenticity, Self Love, and Feeling Broken

Create a better support system through: Embrace Love Despite a Fear of Abandonment, When Walking Away from Someone You Love is Healing and How to Make Friends that Really Love You

Reach your greatest dreams by reading: Use the Power of Choice to Create the Life of Your Dreams, Unlock Your Strongest Personal Skills and Live Your Dreams: The Essential First Step

I cannot wait to hear all of the amazing things you’ve accomplished this past year-so please jot some of your best down in the comments.

What are three of your greatest accomplishments from this year? What is one mindset you’re going into this new year with?

As January quickly approaches, people are forming resolutions, looking back, and setting new intentions. To ensure the people you care about are being self-loving in this process, send them a link to this blog. It will help them form a gentle, inspiring, and empowering version of self reflection.

It’s been a joy to share this with you today. Happy almost New Year!

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December 13, 2017