Love life after abuse with these 3 simple steps

Life After Abuse: 3 Ways to Fall in Love with Every Moment

A great life after abuse. It kinda sounds like a foreign concept, doesn’t it? What does life even mean after you been attacked and harmed by another human being?  I get it. My life is not the same as it would have been if I had never been abused. In fact, part of life after abuse is facing that grief. Even more so, it’s that wish that we had a different life. But, despite the pain you went through, you can still learn to love life. Seriously love it. A good life is not about feeling perfect and happy all the time. It’s about honoring each experience in finding healing, strengthening ways to cope with hardship. It does take a lot of work to start to fall in love with life after abuse, so I want to save you from playing a game of trial and error. I’ve already done that work for you. In this video, I’ll talk about three powerful strategies that’ll help you evaluate what’s going well in your life and what you are struggling with. When you focus on these, you’ll be able to make empowered changes. Dwell on the right things and you will build a love for life after abuse. Ready to jump right in? Click play on the video below! Falling in love with life after abuse isn’t as simple as just saying a couple affirmations and waking up with the mindset: “Today is gonna be great!” It’s about examining your life. You’ll see what is out of whack and how to be optimistic (healthily!) in the midst of hardship. Most importantly, you’ll be able to make all future decisions in line with the things that matter most to you. So here’s how I want you to kick start this journey. Answer these questions in a comment below. (Or if you’re not ready for commenting, pull out a piece of paper or a journal and jot them down there.)

What area of your life needs the most attention and healing? 

What’s one realistically optimistic perspective you’ll carry today? 

Also, what are your top three core values?

Voila! You have taken the first steps towards creating a life after abuse that you absolutely love. Keep reflecting on this or dive a little deeper with these resources:

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