How to Genuinely Love Your Imperfections

tweetAre you ruled by self-hatred immediately after noticing some flaw? It’s natural for us survivors of abuse to notice our imperfections the most—since our abusers trained us to do this. But, I’ve gotta say, this is not fun (and that’s an understatement).

I’m here to remind you that you are so much more than your imperfections. In fact, I don’t even think these traits are flaws.

There were times in your trauma where your abuser has projected their own insecurities onto you. Like if they were afraid of their own anger, they may have taught you that any anger you felt was bad. You might have believed your ability to read people well was harmful, because you saw your abuser using that same skill to manipulate people.

But all of these—from anger to insights into others’ minds—doesn’t make you a bad person. They are not imperfections.

It’s all about what you do with the traits you hold. If you choose to grow from them, or transform them into something beneficial, you’ll find self love even in the face of these “flaws.”

You’re just looking at your imperfections from the wrong angle. So let’s switch it around.

Click play on the video below to start this journey!

Disheartened that self-love takes so long to build? Read this!

Don’t miss out on these highlights!

Why you notice your imperfections more than someone who hasn’t survived abuse [0:34]

Why these so-called “flaws” are actually amazing parts of who you are [1:27]

The most important thing to remember when you make a mistake [2:39]

You can reclaim the imperfections your abuser imposed on you and turn them into shimmering parts of your personality. Because every part of you deserves love—including the parts that sometimes slip up.

I truly encourage you to leave a comment on this blog, since this is the first step towards reframing your imperfections as beautiful characteristics!

Think about a couple imperfections you have and reframe them, just like I talked about in the video. Go ahead and comment below with this empowering shift!

And of course, please share this with another survivor of abuse too. We all deserve self-love and you, right now, are in a position where you can share some.

Go out today and remember you are not an imperfect person. You are bringing so much goodness to the world every single day. Confidently live your perfectly imperfect life—one of growth and beauty and hope.

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