Love again: an upcoming ecourse where you'll learn to love yourself, life, others, and your body after abuse

Feel like abuse has left love out of reach? Not just in relationships, but love towards yourself and life too?

This upcoming eCourse will show you how to reclaim that love--and never ever let it out of your sight again.

Here's a taste of what you can expect from the 4 Core modules!

Love Your Body

Reclaim your sexuality and feel at peace in your body. You'll discover how it holds trauma and how to release it, while teaming up with your body to overcome stress and anxiety!

Love in Relationships

Other people will no longer make or break your happiness. You'll walk away knowing how to set empowered boundaries, handle loneliness, and finally trust loving people again.

Love Life

Discovering your purpose in life will give you unending joy--and that's what this module is all about! You'll see where your life is out of whack, bring some balance back in, plan your own destiny around what matters most, and learn how to hold on when times are tough.

Love Yourself

Finally, you'll discover how to love every aspect of yourself...including every emotion you feel. With radical acceptance and limiting belief work, you'll free yourself from the pains your abuser left you with. And you'll also walk away knowing you're nothing like the people who hurt you.

The estimated release of the eCourse is around September 2019 and it will cost around $150 for lifetime access, including community support, bonuses, and entrance into private Facebook group. Signing up to hear about the course does not, in any way, obligate you to purchase it!

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