It’s Okay to be a Survivor of Abuse who Lives in the Past

Your past lives in you—you don’t live in the past. Trauma and abuse memories, like anything significant in life, sticks with us. 

There’s no shame in feeling like your past follows you around, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to handle either. Many of us survivors feel hopeless at the idea that our brains have literally changed as a result of abuse. Are we doomed to struggle with it forever? 

It’s true that trauma has changed us, but this can actually be an empowering thing (like I talk about in the video below). 

After all, in your past is also your courage, strength, and resilience. These still live in you too. 

So, the next time someone says “all you do is live in the past” about your symptoms—you can reject their voice. Instead, you can proudly say “No, my past lives in me. It’s something that happened and I’m okay with that.”

(Okay with, by the way, has a very unique meaning when it comes to abuse—check out the video for more on that!)

If you feel guilty about your symptoms, hopeless in the face of PTSD, or scared that you’ll always be reliving your past—watch this video. 

Feel disempowered because of your past? Watch this!

Find freedom from your fears, plus these other awesome things above:

What to make of the fact that trauma literally changes your brain [0:39]

Why our pasts live in us—and why this isn’t a bad thing [1:19]

It’s logical to think we live in the past when a symptom or flashback comes up. After all, it is a reminder of what happened and it does transport us back in time. Not literally, of course, but it sure feels like we’re back to when all the trauma was happening. 

With the new perspective this video offers, I’m super curious to hear your thoughts! 

Do you find it helpful to recognize that your past does still live in you? How can you use this to help you move towards meaningful goals and healing?

I’d love to hear from you right below in the comments, and I’d also love if you shared this video. I’m certain you can think of another survivor or somewhere on social media where this message could change someone’s life. Take a moment and spread this healing. 

Be proud of the strength from your past that still resides in you, because that’s so much greater than any adversity

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