It’s Healing to Accept Your Life is Unfair

It's healing to accept Your Life is Unfair

You were completely innocent. You did not deserve the abuse, you did not deserve the pain that you now hold. Your life is unfair—at least, it feels that way. And this is valid. Abuse wasn’t some positive life lesson you were destined to experience.

But, when your life is unfair, how do you reclaim happiness anyways? How do you find joy after abuse?

It’s through powerful validation and acceptance. When you hear that it’s okay to be hurting, that alone is healing. And that’s what this video is about. I’m here, with you, stepping into a place where we can recognize that the abuse we faced was not fair.

Recognizing unfairness is not about giving up hope. It’s not about neglecting to work on recovery. It’s simply choosing to no longer resist the truth of the abuse you went through.

Then leap into a place of strength and empowerment.

You didn’t ask to carry these emotions. You didn’t ask to carry the guilt and shame, especially when constantly being told to “count your blessings.” It’s like others don’t want us to acknowledge that our trauma was unfair.

But that doesn’t matter. Your pain is valid and you have a right to acknowledge its unfairness. So, in this video, step with me into a place of validation.

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The highlights you won’t want to miss:

Discover why it’s empowering to acknowledge that your life is unfair. [1:28]

Learn the most important thing to focus on, immediately after noticing the unfairness of the abuse you faced. [1:51]

A powerful message on why to keep fighting, even when you’re hurting—and why I know joy will find you. [2:13]

It might sound backwards at first, but it’s often by validating our pain that we heal it. This goes for recognizing that our life is unfair too. You did not deserve the abuse or the burden you now carry because of it.

But you can reclaim happiness and joy and peace. I completely believe in your power to do this.

In the comments, go ahead and acknowledge the unfairness of your life. Validate and describe it—it’s a safe space here. This is the first step towards building the life you want to live.

Go ahead and share this blog with another survivor, too! Sometimes the most important message we can spread is “it’s okay that you’re hurting. I am too.” I’m sure there are others, just like you, who could also benefit from the message in this video.

Keep fighting for a life filled with joy.

Even though, yes, your life is unfair—it does not have to continue to be miserable. It may take time to heal and that’s okay, but know that happiness is in your future. I’m certain of this.

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May 23, 2018

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