How to Make Letting Go of Someone (Like an Abuser) Easier

Letting go of someone means no longer feeling like they control your life. It means not spending every day wishing you could go back to them or believing what they did to you will limit your future forevermore.

Letting go of someone, especially an abuser, is about more than just walking away. You have to start to separate from their lingering control of your life. This makes it easier to handle them no longer being a part of your world.

It took me years to really understand this, even as a survivor of abuse who has walked away. To recognize that I wasn’t truly free until I started to re-empower myself. I had to learn what it really meant to walk away—not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too.

It means you’ll no longer hear their voice ring with criticism in your head. You’ll stop feeling like they have broken you, like you’re helpless to pick up the pieces. Your life will no longer feel defined by the trauma you went through.

If you’ve physically left your abuser’s side, but they still have an emotional hold on you, give this video a watch. You deserve to finally feel free.

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The best episode highlights:

How to prevent the grief of walking away from ruling (or ruining) your life [1:25]

What letting go of someone actually means—and how to do it [2:31]

You’re a strong and capable person. You can find freedom from all the pain your abuser left you with and you can come to a place of happiness. First, you simply need to focus on letting go of them with your mind and emotions, not just physically cutting them out of your life.

Start here, by answering this in the comments below: What is one way that you’ll cope or work on letting go right now?

By saying what you’re going to do, you are far more likely to actually do it. You deserve freedom and joy—so take this simple step to start to get there.

Also, I’d love if you shared this with another survivor of abuse too! <3

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