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Overcome a Lack of Motivation to Recover

Recovery is hard. Trauma is a daily battle for us survivors of abuse. Each fight is not an easy one. It’s completely natural to have a lack of motivation.

You’ve fought hard. You have stood your ground in every battle and you’ve come out victorious. You’re still here and that’s what truly matters.

But this doesn’t mean you feel motivated.

Instead, you probably feel absolutely exhausted. Your sleep is disturbed with nightmares, your daily energy is used up with panic attacks. And, when you feel this tired, you probably get frustrated at yourself for having a lack of motivation. I’ve felt this exhaustion.

I used to feel so angry towards myself every time I took a break. Why couldn’t I just keep going, working hard and healing, like everyone else?

If you’ve felt this frustration, watch this video. Because I’m about to share the most important insight about a lack of motivation. A truth almost all of us survivors overlook.

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Have only a few moments? Don’t miss these highlights:

What us survivors often confuse as a lack of motivation—that actually requires gentle self-care. [0:50]

The real meaning of rest in recovery and exactly why it’s so essential for every one of us to take. [1:14]

A simple strategy to overcome the shame about needing to rest and work slower, all thanks to past trauma. [2:21]

There is no shame in being tired. You’re working hard every single day just by getting up, by handling anxiety, and by processing trauma. It’s okay to feel exhausted.

Now that you’ve discovered this key idea behind a lack of motivation, I’d love to hear from you in a comment below.

What has prevented you from taking the rest you need? And, when you do rest, how has it affected your motivation?

Your comment is so important! It can inspire others to get a clearer, more self-loving idea about their own need for rest too.

Even more important is the simple click it takes to share this blog. There are millions of survivors of abuse out there, many of which struggle with a lack of motivation. When you send someone this video, you’re helping them see rest as something good—not something to be ashamed of.

It’s with sincerity that I hope you take a moment to relax today. You’re fighting so hard, and even the strongest warriors need a break.

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April 25, 2018