Joy is like a sun shower. It’s complex. It’s when a storm and bright sunlight coexist. Emotionally, joy comes from a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose and aliveness. Just like the clap of thunder at the same time the sun is shining in your eyes.

Because of this, feeling joyous requires one thing from us.

When we live a meaningful life, we will find great joy

Joy is vivid and expansive and transformative. And the emotion arises when we feel like our life has meaning.

Since joy is a state of being that relies solely on us feeling purposeful, it’s something we can all have no matter how difficult our lives are. Happiness, now that might be out of reach. It comes and goes and that’s life. But joy is sustainable and way way more accessible.

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Your life is already meaningful

This means that, to access joy, all you have to do is notice exactly how you have created a meaningful life. That’s the only task you need to check off in order to start living a truly joyous life.

Now, before I bring the episode to you, I want to address the part of your mind that might be asking if this is total BS. A ton of personal development leaders tout The Secret™ and claim it’s the one thing you need to live a good life. Is this any different?

Yes, this idea isn’t a secret. This is something almost all religions, spiritual ideas, and secular beliefs have talked about for thousands of years. People who have faced intense trauma share this idea (like the amazingly brilliant leader Viktor Frankl). It’s this single shift in perspective that leads us on the path to living a joyous life.

Like any change in mindset, it does take work. It’s not a one-day-of-work-and-your-life-is-totally-great change. It’s real, sustainable, and impactful.

Of course, you don’t need to take my word for it. Watch the video and try this out yourself!

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See how joy can be found with these two simple changes in your mindset?

First, notice how you are already living a meaningful life. Second, start to view your life with a giving mentality, rather than a taking one. Ask how you can bring your gifts to the world and feel joyous in the process.

These things can take a little practice. It’s okay if it takes you a bit to get the hang of it. Heck, I’m still working on it!

To begin this inner shift, answer this question in a comment:

What is a way that you can, or already are, living a meaningful life?

That’s the first step towards changing your mindset and finding real joy.

You can always make your life even more meaningful by taking a second to share this video, too. Just think about who’s life you might change!

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