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Invest in Yourself: How to Find Genuine Healing After Abuse

Do you want to show your abuser that they didn’t win? That they don’t have control over your life? Then invest in yourself—in your healing, your joy, your prosperity.

You deserve to have an amazing life and I know, firsthand, just how tough it can feel to get this after you’ve been abused. It seems like trauma will forever knock us down, limit us, and stop us from reaching our true potential.

But this is all false. You are still an amazing and capable person—and you can show the world this inner power you have.

When you invest in yourself, you’ll be speeding up your own recovery too. It’s choosing to focus on your dreams and wants in life, so that you can feel fulfilled and rejuvenated after someone hurt you. It’s choosing to reclaim that your life is your own—rather than defined by a trauma that happened to you.

This video will show you how to invest in yourself in the most powerful and meaningful way. So, go ahead and watch it! You’ll change your life with this knowledge.

Have dreams, but you’re too exhausted to chase them? Watch this.

Don’t miss these highlights!

How learning to invest in yourself is the best path towards healing [0:59]

Why recovery comes alongside reaching towards your dreams [1:57]

When your recovery feels tough, remember that every step you take to invest in yourself is counting for something. When you seek a dream, you’re healing yourself as you reach it.

I bet you’ll notice that, when you work on a goal you have, you’ll be confronting the limiting beliefs trauma left you with. You’ll be breaking through inner walls in your path to reach every dream you have.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! What is one dream you’re going to focus on? What old trauma-influenced mindsets will you need to break through in order to reach this goal?

It means so much when you comment, but if you’re a little shy that’s okay too! I’d also love if you shared this with another survivor of abuse you know. This free resource may change their life.

Above all, I want you to know that you’re powerful. You have the potential to reach every dream you have.

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  1. Lalita G Sepulveda

    I like how you mention that progress can be made even in a 24 hour span. This is true! All gains should be celebrated.

    • Arien Smith

      Yes, exactly! Sometimes it doesn’t seem like much happens in a day–but that’s really where all the work happens. Thanks for your comment, Lalita!


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November 21, 2018