The Love Letter Your Inner Child Needs After Abuse

Your inner child needs a lot of love after all you’ve been through. The abuse you faced when you were younger (and perhaps older too) was unfair and unjust. I know how heavily it weighs on you. 

Your inner child, the part of you longing for the love you never got, is hurting with that same pain. So, today, it’s time to share unconditional love with this part of you.

This blog is formatted like a letter. Read this out loud, or in your own mind, to your inner child. Imagine a child you sitting in front of you as you read this and fill each word with as much love as you can muster. 

You can replace the phrase “inner child” with your own name, if you wish too.

Let’s get started on this healing. This love and support is what you deserve, beautiful survivor. 

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You Didn’t Deserve the Abuse

Inner child, you didn’t deserve the abuse. No matter what was said to you, what lies you were told, this was not your fault. Your abuser chose to hurt you because they wanted to—not because you were bad or dangerous or needed to be punished.

They were the bad person. They were at fault. None of this was on you. You didn’t deserve to face any of the pain you went through.

You’re Strong Enough

There is no one stronger than you, inner child. The things you survived were horrific and yet you’re still here today. There is a great strength within you. It will take you so far. 

You’re no longer going to be victimized or hurt. And, as you heal, your strength will be able to lead you towards a life you love. Towards joy and companionship and support.

This strength has been within you from your very first day on this earth, and it will continue to carry you through any pain you still feel. 

The Abuse Wasn’t Love

Abuse is not love, inner child. Love is a beautiful and uplifting thing and, even if you have not felt it yet, you’ll know it when you do. 

Your abuser lied to you when they said what they were doing was love. It wasn’t. Maybe a part of them did care about you, but their actions told a different story. Your abuser is not what love looks like. 

I know you may want to believe it was love, as that makes the past easier to bear—but it’ll be healing to accept that it wasn’t love. Even if your abuser cared for you, they didn’t act lovingly. You deserved better.

You’re Safe Now, Inner Child

In the past, safety was only a dream. You felt terrified and scared and unsure if you’d make it to another day. I know this pain, I’ve felt it too. 

But, you made it to today, didn’t you? You kept yourself safe and you’re building an even more supportive and safe life every day. One with allies to support you during your darker times, one with people who will have your back against unhealthy relationships. 

You have all you need to survive and even thrive in this world. You’ve grown and strengthened and found greater support—you are so much safer now. 

Not All People Are Like Your Abuser

It might seem like your abuser is what everyone acts like. That everyone will betray you or hurt you or blame you someday. But, your abuser was an outlier. They were a rare breed of humanity with cruelty in their bones—and most people are not like that. 

I know you want to protect yourself from ever being hurt again. I respect that. But, it’s time you venture out into the world and look for new love too. Most people are nothing like your abuser…and they’re waiting to show you what love is really like. 

You’re Able to Heal Now

You’re free, inner child. And you’re safe. Now all the strength you used to survive can be turned to healing.

It’s all about finding the right exercises for you, so let’s work together on that. A few to get you (and your adult self!) started are…

This list of loving affirmations—go ahead and pick a few you like! 

This blog showing you how to listen to and love yourself through tough emotions, whenever they come up. 

This blog on how to love yourself after abuse (even if you hate yourself right now).

And this quiz and course on how to build a life of joy—that’s the life you deserved all along, and here’s how to get it. <3 

Take care, inner child. You’re not alone any more, and love is making its way into your life. There’s beauty and joy in your future. 

P.S. Did you tell your inner child anything else healing? Comment below with what you said and together we can extend this love letter—meaning it’ll help more and more survivors! Then, share the blog so others can get the same healing you just did! <3

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