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The Prosperity Path: How to Find Happiness After Abuse

Three years ago, my therapist asked me, “Do you think you’ll be happy someday?” I thought about it for a moment before answering, “I don’t think so. Maybe I’ll learn to be okay and tolerate life, but I don’t think I’ll ever know how to find happiness.”

I was so wrong.

This would have shocked my 21-year-old self. How, after 15 years of violent abuse, could I ever truly feel happy?

Looking back, I’m not surprised I love my life today. There’s a path that can literally guide you, me, and many other survivors to discover how to find happiness. And I was lucky enough to stumble upon it.

I call it The Prosperity Path.

This is a real path leading us survivors of abuse to find happiness, peace, and joy—even after the horrible trauma we’ve faced. 

Doubtful? That’s normal. When my therapist asked me that question, I was nearly suicidal. I never would have believed in a path like this.

But, after examining my own journey and that of countless other survivors, there truly is a series of steps we can take to find lifelong happiness. 

It’s not a shortcut. It still takes work and time—but it’s effective.

My happiness came in less than 1000 days—and I didn’t even know I was walking this path. As you read on, you’ll learn what this path is, meaning your healing journey will likely happen much faster.

Even if you do still feel doubt at this, keep reading. You need to know what this path is before you decide to give it a try or not.

But what does happiness after abuse truly look like?

“Happiness” can refer to two things. The first is an emotion. Like all feelings, this happiness will come and go. 

We’ll feel happy when something good happens. It will fade when something bad happens. 

This blog focuses on the other type: overall happiness. I like to call it joy

This is our feeling of contentment with life as a whole.

It’s the same as being able to say “I’m happy in this relationship” or “I’m happy with this apartment.” There are ups and downs in our relationship to all things with life—but our overall satisfaction is the happiness level. The higher that is, the more we’re prospering in life. 

What does this mean for a life after abuse, though?

It’s having more good feelings than tough symptoms. More enjoyable days than pained ones. 

When you’re hit with a PTSD episode, you’ll bounce back quick. A tough moment doesn’t throw you into despair when you’ve discovered how to find happiness.

You’ll have a great amount of supportive relationships. It’ll be easier to cut out the people who aren’t doing you any good too. 

Self-love and acceptance will shine in your life, even in the face of difficult situations and setbacks.

You’ll also feel fulfilled, like you’re living a meaningful life. You’ll have a reason to push through the hard moments, because you’re living for something larger than yourself. 

This is what happiness after abuse looks like. 

It’s not an absence of trauma memories or symptoms. It’s the ability to survive them well enough that you start to truly enjoy life—despite the ways your past still affects you.

The Prosperity Path: How to Find Happiness After Abuse

Not knowing how to find happiness is normal for us survivors. 1000 days ago, I was (kind of) okay with being alive, but still miserable and burdened by trauma. 

I definitely didn’t see happiness as a part of my future.

How are we supposed to feel good in any way after what we lived through?

Fortunately, I’ve had a great sense of intuition guide me and the right exercises fell into my lap. Even without a direct path to guide me, I found my way.

But not everyone has that sense of inner guidance or access to the same resources. That’s why I took the time to examine the path that worked for so many survivors of abuse. So, intuition or not, you’ll now have something to guide you. A path you can easily follow.

Happiness could find you in 1000 days or less.

1000 days from now you won’t feel hopeless waking up. You’ll want to be alive. 

You’ll believe in yourself and self-love will be a beautiful light in your life. Past abuse will no longer define your entire life—you’ll be able to live beyond it. You’ll know how to find happiness even in the tough moments.

The Prosperity Path is not just based off of my own journey. It uses scientifically proven techniques to recover from trauma. It’s also a path I’ve witnessed over a hundred survivors journey along until they started to thrive. 

We’re all different, so I can’t promise anything—but I do believe it will make a positive impact in your life if you give this path a try. 

Why not give it a shot, after all? It’s surely worth spending a little time on, for the potential of lifelong happiness.

The 6 Prosperity Path Stages

Curious what stage you’re on? Take the quiz here!

Stage 1: Unconditional Acceptance

Acceptance is the foundation of your healing. It holds everything in place as you work to build a life you love. It’s the very first step in discovering how to find happiness.  

Oddly enough, it’s also the most overlooked step in healing. So many survivors and personal development leaders completely forget to mention it.

This stage shifts you into a mindset of freedom. It stops your past from holding you back.

Without it, we’re stuck regretting our history, dwelling on the betrayal of our loved ones, and resisting positive change. 

This stage won’t force you to be okay with what happened, either. The abuse was wrong and unjust and unfair and that’s totally, completely valid. 

But if your life revolves around these thoughts, you’re limiting your potential for joy. 

Validate the unfairness, but recognize you are greater than your past too.

Acceptance allows you to acknowledge the role abuse had in your past, while seeing yourself as more than that past trauma. The emotions and symptoms you feel will start having a loving place in your heart, rather than being pushed away every time they show up. 

Normally, I’d give you a quick exercise to do to start this stage, but acceptance is very nuanced when it comes to abuse. These blogs share everything you need to know

It’s Healing to Accept Your Life is Unfair
The Most Healing Perspective on Life After Trauma

Stage 2: Reclaim Empowerment

Empowerment work is about reclaiming the power your abuser once took from you. I know how common it is for us survivors to feel like our abuser still controls us, even after they’re gone. I was in stuck there for a long time too. 

This stage will free you from that. You now get to decide how to find happiness in the most authentic way.

You’ll reawaken your ability to make self-loving choices about your life. You’ll renew your inner strength.

It’s about erasing the holds your abuser still has on you and showing you that you are in control of your life. Building strong boundary setting skills is part of this, as is feeling confident in your decisions. Core value work and other self-empowering techniques teach you this.

Empowerment has a lot of facets to it, so I’d definitely recommend checking out my Prosperity Path eCourse here, but these blogs will help get you started too!

The Most Empowering Quote for Survivors of Abuse
25 Affirmations for Authentic Empowerment After Abuse

I also have a free webinar on core values you can check out here!

Today, notice how many choices you make. What have you decided to do in the past few hours (large or small)? Why did you decide to do them? 

Bringing awareness to the choices you already make will help you see your power. You’ll gain control back from your abuser and the impact of trauma they left you with. 

Your life is in your hands now.

How close are you to living a life you love? Take the quiz here!

Stage 3: Design Your Dream Life

It’s time for you to start dreaming. Envision what it would be like if you knew how to find happiness. Who would be in your life? Where would you live? How would you feel waking up in the morning? 

Answering these questions and getting a clear vision of your dream future is the entire point of this stage. 

You can’t reach your dreams if you don’t know where you’re heading. That would be like plugging in Google Maps, never inputing a destination, and expecting to get where you want to go…without any sort of guidance. It wouldn’t work.

This stage becomes your roadmap. A direct guide to a life you love. A clear picture of how to find happiness. 

To jump into this stage, try writing a short paragraph about what your ideal life would look like for each of these categories: Relationships, Mental Health, Physical Health, Finances, Career, Lifestyle, Recreation/Fun, and Sense of Purpose

Check out these blogs for more help too! 

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Stage 4: Unearthing Obstacles

Once you have your dreams planned out, you’ll start noticing obstacles standing in your way. 

“I can’t do this because of these symptoms.” 

“I’ll never have the strength to get over this…” 

“I don’t know how to handle this relationship conflict!”

And so on…

This is normal. It’s natural and expected. In fact—it’s even a good thing. Once obstacles start showing their identities, you can learn how to solve them.

Whatever the challenges you face are, there are ways you can overcome or navigate around them. And this stage is the beginning of that process—unearthing what the obstacles are. 

You have to clearly understand the mountains ahead of you in order to forge a path over them. 

Here’s where you’ll list the main conflicts stopping you from living your dreams. This includes both internal obstacles—like limiting beliefs and emotional blocks—and external obstacles—things like financial setbacks, disabilities, or lifestyle factors. 

Try this: List the six biggest obstacles between where you are now and where you want to be in life. Find three internal obstacles (emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, mindsets) and three external obstacles (literal struggles happening in your life).

It can seem daunting to unearth these obstacles and see what lies before you, but I promise it’s a good thing to uncover them. In the next two stages, you’ll be able to start overcoming them.

Following this path on your own can seem like a lot, so remember that I have a community you can join here! I’ll personally guide you and other survivors through the Prosperity Path over an 8 month program. I also have a free Facebook group here.

And, of course, here are some blogs to help too!

How to Break Free of Any Self Defeating Cycle
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Stage 5: Strategize Solutions

It’s time to start designing your path over those mountains. Once you have that map planned, all you need to do is follow it.

You’re about to actually take action to climb those mountains (Stage 6), but first you need to figure out how you’ll solve these obstacles. Without this, it’s far too easy to get lost. That’s why this strategizing is a stage all by itself.

Look at each of your obstacles, the ones you listed for the previous stage, and come up with 3-5 potential solutions for each one.

Whether they work or not is up in the air. This stage is just about coming up with ideas.

The key is having several things you can try. A lot of obstacles aren’t solved overnight. They take persistence and sometimes we need to adjust what we do. Use your answers here as a framework to start overcoming the obstacles, adapting as you go based on what works and what doesn’t. 

Here’s a few blogs to help you dive deeper into this! 

How to Overcome Anything
The 8 Growth Mindsets You Need to Thrive After Abuse

Stage 6: Taking Action

This is the very final stage—and it’s where I’m currently in too. Because it’s lifelong. It’s where everything falls into place. Where you see exactly how to find happiness.

Joy will become a regular part of your life here. You’ll truly want to keep living.

This stage is all about action. It’s taking that list of obstacle-busting ideas and acting on them with commitment.

The most important thing here is to give it time. It might start slow, but healing momentum builds faster with every bit of work.

For instance, if one of your intentions is to start loving your anger, it’s going to take time to build a healthy relationship with that emotion. If you want to shift to your dream career, that’ll take time too. 

Make sure to track and celebrate your progress during this stage. This can be as literal as tracking your mood overtime or keeping a journal. Maybe you check in once a month and see how you’re doing compared to the same month last year. Do whatever works for you—just be sure to regularly check in and celebrate even your smallest steps in healing.

However you do it—take action and trust that, with persistence, this work will transform your life. This stage brings radically positive changes.

As far as what to do today, simply commit to an action (after you’ve done the exercises for each previous stage). Pick one or two of the solutions you wrote down earlier and set up some goal tracking. Put it literally in a calendar—including the steps you’ll take to implement this every day. 

To dive deeper into this stage, check out these blogs or become a Prosperity Path member:

What to Do When You’re Too Exhausted to Reach Your Goals
What You Need to Know About Healthy Habits & Trauma Recovery

If you ever get stuck on this path, the Prosperity Path membership program will help. You’ll have my direct support, along with a great community of survivors and wealth of resources, to help you through any roadblock.

Still doubtful? Here’s why you should try this anyways

The great thing about the Prosperity Path is that it’s customized to you. It’s based on your obstacles and challenges and hesitations. These actions are catered towards your life and how to find your happiness. 

If you put in the work, you’ll discover how to find happiness in the most beautiful and authentic way for you.

If you start this path today, your hopelessness will end. Your entire focus will shift towards a life that you truly love.

So why start this path? Why actually do the exercises in this blog or join The Prosperity Path membership? Because you deserve happiness and it’s in your reach.

There is nothing to lose when you try this path. If it makes no impact, you’ll only have spent a few minutes of time each day. 

And if it works, you have everything to gain: knowledge on how to find happiness.

Your path will be easier than mine

My 1000 day journey was after 15 years of violent abuse. I had absolutely no idea if my healing path was really helpful. Looking back I can see dozens of wrong turns I took before I understood this Prosperity Path

You have the clarity I didn’t. Because of that, I bet your healing will happen far faster than mine.

You’re about to start an incredible journey.

If you want to speed this along the fastest, become a Prosperity Path member here. You’ll get access to videos, masterclasses, and live Q&As for each of these stages—plus a community of other survivors walking the same journey as you.

You can definitely do this work on your own too. My intention is to help you as best as possible, and I know this blog itself might be enough. It’ll take more time and effort, but you can definitely figure this out on your own too.

If you join The Prosperity Path membership, you’ll access a wealth of knowledge about each stage, plus weekly actionable clarity on how to heal after abuse on top of what you’ve already learned. It’ll simplify your entire journey, ensuring you take all the best steps forward for you.

The choice to join or not is yours—and I’ll respect whatever decision you make. <3 

(Btw, even if you can’t afford The Prosperity Path, sign up for emails here! I’ll send you a bunch of additional free resources for this path over time.)

Have you noticed aspects of the Prosperity Path stages already working in your life? Things that have made a positive impact? 

I’d love to hear about it, so go ahead and comment below with your answer!

Btw, if you have doubts, questions, or insights about this path—you can always reach out to me. Find me on social media here or here, email me directly, or comment below and we can chat! As a fellow survivor, I truly care about helping you. I’ll do everything in my power to help you find your unique Prosperity Path. <3 

Take the quiz. There are 6 stages to prospering after abuse...which one are you in? Click here to access the quiz!
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