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How close are you to thriving after abuse?

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Struggling to break free from your past? Here, you will learn to live a life you love, not the life your abuser left you with.

I too have felt my joy taken by past trauma. I was left with PTSD and a dissociative disorder, both disabling conditions. But, I worked hard and dug deep—transforming the pain of my past into a life I love.

This inspired me to create Uncover Your Joy—a company focused on helping all of us survivors find joy, peace, and prosperity after abuse.

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Arien Inspires: Transforming Trauma into Joy with Weekly Online Videos

Learn how to transform past trauma into fuel for your dreams. The Uncover Your Joy blog is a collection of videos and written articles to help you overcome the abuse that you face. Each blog incorporates personal experience, trauma recovery techniques, and personal growth strategies.

Private Mentorship: Personalized Healing for Survivors

Through dynamic and transformative holistic mentorship, you’ll no longer feel held back by past abuse. You will uncover your individual version of joy, empowering yourself to reach all of your greatest dreams. Book your free intro session here.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Find It Hard to Heal From Abuse? How to Stop Blaming Yourself

    There was a viral post that went around Facebook a few months ago, about how it was harmful to say “Trauma is not your fault, but healing is your responsibility.”  That phrase had always rubbed me the wrong way, but I didn’t know why until I was a part of that discussion. And boy, did I learn a lot! It......

  • What Is Psychogenic Pain? & How You Can Live a Good Life With It

    Psychogenic pain is when we feel pain that isn’t caused from a physical source (like a cut, bruise, virus, inflammation, etc). It’s essentially when our brain interprets that we’re in pain, but there’s no direct cause of it. At least, not a visible one. Psychogenic pain, though, is often tied to trauma and emotional stressors. In my opinion, that’s just......

  • 3 Types of Meditation to Avoid as a Survivor of Abuse

    Mindfulness is an almost essential practice when we’re recovering from a traumatic past. Whether it’s therapeutic techniques (like Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), straight up yoga practices, morning meditations, or reading The Power of Now—there’s some level of mindfulness that’s necessary for our healing. Mindfulness teaches us how to tolerate stronger emotions, so they don’t overwhelm us. But…there are certain types of......


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