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What You Need to Know About Healthy Habits & Trauma Recovery

When you are going through a tough time, you have less energy. The healthy habits you’ve spent weeks, months, maybe even years forming sometimes fall apart in front of you. And this can cause despair and guilt and shame.

But, this is normal. It’s okay to break new and good habits during tough times.

Healthy habits aren’t a once and done thing. Trauma recovery is exhausting—and sometimes we go back to our defaults.

Healing from abuse has good moments and difficult ones. In the tougher times, we often go back to what helped us survive, even the habits that we now want to change.

And this can cause serious shame and self-doubt. And that can lead to giving up. Which is exactly what you don’t want to do.

The patterns you’re working on replacing take time, simply because your body and mind have found tried and true ones that got you through the abuse.

These old habits also do some harm, which is why you now want to change them.

That’s noble and fantastic. If you truly want to succeed, you have to understand why healthy habits don’t stick right away. Why your mind is so hesitant to let past patterns go.

And—most importantly—how to stick with them, even when they slip for a moment.

When you’re struggling to start a healthy habit, this video will help you objectively see exactly how to convince your mind to actually adopt it. So, give the episode a watch!

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You don’t want to miss these highlights!

Why those healthy habits slip away in the first place—even if you’re doing everything right [0:49]

How to cope with the uncertainty of replacing a trusty old pattern with something completely new [2:18]

All you need to do in order to set the foundation for this healthy habit to take root (even when you’re experiencing doubt and fear) [2:52]

Sometimes your mind will take a break from learning a new pattern and simply go back to its defaults. And this is nothing to be ashamed of—your mind does it because it knows it can rely on that old pattern.

Now your job is to simply convince it to trust the new healthy habit. 

And the first step can be to answer these in the comments below!

What healthy habits are you trying to form? What has triggered an old habit to come back up? How can you stop yourself from giving up when you new habits are tested?

You’d be surprised at how many of your own fears and doubts you can subside simply by writing about it.

Every one of us survivors needs to replace old patterns with new and shiny ones in order to heal, so this is a process that I bet every single one of us faces. Because of that, I’d love if you shared this blog with a friend too!

You seriously never know who’s life it might change.

It’s my hope you take some time today to walk into those new healthy habits, even if your mind feels a bit shaky about them. Overtime, you’ll learn to work as a team—adopting the best coping mechanisms and beliefs.

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