4 Common Struggles with Self Worth & How to Heal Them

4 Common Struggles with Self Worth & How to Heal Them

Self worth is a serious battle for many of us living with mental illness. We reject good things when they happen. We put ourselves down even when complimented. Maybe we even take senseless risks because we simply don’t care enough about ourselves to avoid danger.

All of these manifestations of low self worth are common. You’re not alone in this struggle. And you will not be stuck with it forever.

One of the most painful ways self worth shows itself in our life is by leading us to reject good things. We find love. We’re granted a promotion. We are given greater responsibility in something we enjoy. And then we reject it. We panic, we feel unworthy, we push it away.

This causes you to reject the best and brightest paths—the ones you were meant to live.

It can seem like a complicated and never-ending cycle, but I promise it isn’t. It’s something you can solve through simple and targeted action. Soon, you will be brave enough to accept the joys life has to offer you.

You have the capacity to truly love life, simple by increasing your sense of self worth.

With a little self reflection, you’ll uncover your unique struggle with self worth. Once you find this, you’ll be in a place of making effective change.

Four of the most common reasons for low self worth are shared in this episode and, if you resonate with any of them, you’re in luck. I offer unique solutions for each of these common struggles. If one matches your experience, then you will know exactly what you need to do to overcome it.

I’ve been there, struggling with self worth. And I seriously want to let you know you are not alone. I was once untangling myself from the mess of confusing, destructive messages. In the past, I told myself, “I’m not good enough. I should have done better. I don’t deserve a love this wonderful.”  And a myriad of other critical things.

Maybe these sound familiar and you’re thinking “Yes, Arien! Me too!” If so, definitely give this episode a watch.

Even if you can’t relate—I guarantee that there are ways this episode will help you love yourself better. The process in this video will free you from any mess—large or small—tangled inside your head.

Need more self love in your life? Learn to love yourself louder here.

Here are the resources I promised in the video above.

If you struggle with messages society tells you, read: How to Break Free of Any Self Defeating Cycle

When you’re struggling with your own inner critic, check out: Believe in Your Brilliance and Tame Your Inner Critic and Negative Thoughts are a Myth

If it’s a fear of loss and uncertainty, read: Live Life to the Fullest by Feeling Deeply

When guilt from your past plagues you, look into: Self Compassion: The Art of Loving Yourself Louder

I would absolutely love to hear from you in the comments below. Your voice is inspiring and every time you partake in a conversation with me, I’m truly honored.

What is one belief you have about yourself that puts you down? Then, write down one action you can start to take to shift that belief.

My friend, it’s truly a joy to have spent some time with you today. I can only hope I’ve helped to lift your spirits. To show you that you no longer have to struggle to accept the good things life hands you. You deserve all that wonder and, with the targeted actions I talked about above, I know you’ll reach a place of great self worth.

It would mean a ton if you could share this blog with a loved one who also struggles with self worth. If you have complimented them before and they’ve brushed it off, afraid to accept your kind words, then this episode will be perfect for them.

Self worth is a struggle for pretty much all of us on this planet, so no matter who you share this with I trust it will make a positive difference.

How close are you to thriving after abuse? Click here to take the quiz!

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