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The Most Healing Perspective on Life After Trauma

Do you wish there was a way to look back on your past with love? To have a perspective on life where you could acknowledge the trauma you faced, but also see your strength?

It would allow you to no longer feel burdened by your trauma, without overlooking the real impact it had too.

You’d be able to feel empowered in your potential to create a better future—rising from the ashes of your past like a phoenix reborn.

You got through the abuse and now you can shift into a perspective on life that gives you the power to create something beautiful. That allows you to live a life you love.

I heard this amazing quote a couple weeks ago that totally changed my perspective on life—specifically on living a life after childhood trauma. And I seriously think it’s going to change yours too.

I’m not going to reveal the quote here—you have the episode below for that. I promise you, it really will help you see what empowerment after trauma means.

If you feel disempowered by abuse, check out this blog.

You won’t want to miss these highlights:

The life changing quote—and specifically what it means about your healing [0:31]

What you really don’t want to do when it comes to recovering from trauma [1:12]

The exact perspective on life you’ll want to instantly adopt [1:55]

It’s not every day we stumble upon a quote that causes so much self-reflection. This one really did it for me and I hope, through this video, you’ve felt inspired by it too. I truly believe this perspective will change your life.

But first, I want you to test it out! Leave a comment below answering these questions:

What perspectives do you wish you could have about your life? What sort of worldview do you want?

I’d absolutely love to hear from you! And, it would be even more awesome if you shared this blog with another survivor of abuse too.

Take some time to truly contemplate what you want to make from your life. How do you want to reshape your future and redefine your past? That’s where this quote comes in. That’s where your new perspective on life matters.

How close are you to thriving after abuse? Click here to take the quiz!

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